10 Lines on Railway Station

Railway stations are places where people can find trains and travel to their destination. The railway stations are meant for a halt for the trains. The passengers board the train and some get out of the train after reaching the destination. It is one of the busiest places with people from different parts of the nation.

We can see people rushing to different platforms to board the train to reach their destination. I will be providing information about the topic in form of ten lines. It might be helpful to students for getting quick information about the topic.

Ten Lines on Railway station

Set – 1

1) The railway station is an area where the trains stop to leave and board passengers and goods.

2) One railway station can be found out in every city and village.

3) The railway stations are small and big depending upon the location.

4) A railway station basically constitutes of platforms, ticket counter, waiting room, and railway building.

5) There is a parking space outside the station where a number of vehicles are parked.

6) The people at the railway stations are waiting for the arrival of their destined train.

7) The vendors and hawkers are seen shouting and selling their products to people arriving.

8) Railway stations are called junctions when routes to several destinations diverge from that station.

9) The world’s first railway station was The Mount that is located in Swansea, Wales on the Oystermouth railway.

10) The renovated railway stations are equipped with several facilities like CCTV cameras, online ticket systems, bio-toilets, Wi-Fi, restaurants, etc.

Set – 2

1) The place of halt or start of trains, boarding and getting out of passengers is termed as a railway station.

2) The railway stations are distinguished by horns of trains, announcements, passengers, and rush.

3) There are about 7349 railway stations in India.

4) Terminal, Central, Junction, and station are classified as four types of railway stations.

5) The railway station has a facility of waiting rooms, ticket counter, and small shops for the passengers.

6) There is a long queue on the ticket counter window for getting tickets at the railway station.

7) There are porters available at the railway station for lifting the heavy baggage of the passengers.

8) Every district and villages almost has a railway station.

9) The first railway station in India is Bori Bunder that is located in Mumbai.

10) The railway station is filled with hustle and bustle for all 24 hours a day.

The railway stations have a lot of benefits to the passengers. The people can wait there for boarding or getting out of the train. The goods to be transferred by train are also loaded on the railway stations. Many rural places were not having the facility of railway stations but at present, most rural areas are connected to one or the other railway stations. The railway station has its own world filled with chaos and liveliness for the whole day and night.