10 Lines on Gorakhpur Junction Railway Station

A junction is a place where routes for many trains diverge from a single point. There are many platforms at the junction. The railway station located near the junction is termed a junction railway station. Gorakhpur railway station is also one of the junction railway station located in Uttar Pradesh. This railway station in Gorakhpur provides a route to trains of different destinations.

A piece of detailed information about the topic has been provided by me in form of ten lines. It will be useful to students and readers to get quick information.

Ten Lines on Gorakhpur Junction Railway Station – Biggest Railway Station in terms of Length of Platform

Set – 1

1) The Gorakhpur Railway station is situated in the City Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh India.

2) GKP is the station code of the Gorakhpur Railway Junction.

3) It is located at a distance of 7 km from Gorakhpur airport.

4) Gorakhpur Railway junction is stated to have the world’s longest railway platform.

5) Platform 1 of Gorakhpur Railway Junction is the longest measuring 1,366m.

6) The name of Gorakhpur railway station for having the world’s longest railway platform was recorded in the Guinness book of the world on 6 October 2013.

7) It is the headquarters of the North Eastern Railway Zone.

8) The railway station is equipped with facilities like waiting rooms, water machines, restaurants, escalators, lifts, ATMs, etc.

9) There are 11 express trains starting from this junction and most of them are destined to Mumbai.

10) This railway station provides trains with connectivity to almost major cities in India.

Set – 2

1) Gorakhpur Railway Junction is located in the middle of Indian City Gorakhpur.

2) This railway station is the headquarters of the North Eastern Railway.

3) The inauguration of the railway station was done on 6 October 2013 as the world’s longest platform.

4) There are 10 Platforms at Gorakhpur Railway junction.

5) The specificity of the longest platform is that it can handle two trains of 24 coaches at a time.

6) Platform 1 measuring 1,366 m makes Gorakhpur Railway Junction have the world’s longest platform.

7) Gorakhpur railway station manages a total of 189 trains.

8) A 1 Railway facility is provided by the Gorakhpur Railway Station.

9) Bio-toilets, Sanitary napkin dispensers, and baby feeding areas are also provided on the station.

10) The Gorakhpur Railway Junction is accredited with a 100m High mast National Flag on 1 January 2019.

The Gorakhpur Junction Railway station is provided with different kinds of facilities for the passengers. It is renovated with several new technologies. It also promotes digitalization. The beauty and cleanliness of the railway station are admirable.