10 Lines on Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar is the most wonderful piece of Mughal architecture and is a famous tourist destination in India. The place which has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO attracts millions of tourists every year. Qutub Minar is located in New Delhi at Aurobindo Marg, Mehrauli. The tower has five storeys with beautiful carvings and inscriptions on it in Arabic and Nagari characters. Qutub Minar is one of the most famous historical monuments in India after the Taj Mahal and Red Fort.

Ten Lines on Qutub Minar in English

Here we have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Qutub Minar for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. These lines are easy to read and learn for the students. Also they can use them in creative writings, paragraph writings, essay writing, speech narration, etc competitions in the school.

10 Lines on Qutub Minar

1) Qutub Minar which means pole in Arabic is the tallest single tower (73 meters) in New Delhi, India.

2) Qutub Minar is the historical monument of India, named after the famous Islamic emperor Qutab-Ud-Din-Aibak.

3) Qutub Minar structure is the tower of five storeys with 14.3 m base diameter which gets reduced to 2.7 m at the top.

4) Qutub Minar is built using red sandstone and marbles.

5) Qutub Minar comprises of spiral staircase with 379 steps.

6) Qutub Minar is located at the Mehrauli area of Delhi, India.

7) Qutub Minar has been listed to the UNESCO World Heritage site.

8) Qutub Minar was built in order to celebrate the victory of Mohammed Ghori over Rajputs.

9) Qutub Minar is surrounded by a green garden and Qutub complex is a collection of monuments.

10) Qutub Minar is a major source of attraction for tourists around the world.

10 Lines and Sentences on Qutub Minar

1)  Qutub Minar is built on the pattern of Indo-Islamic architecture similar to ‘Minaret of Jam’ in Afghanistan.

2) Qutub Minar opens every day of the week from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm and has a decorative light show in the evening.

3) Qutub Minar is surrounded by famous architectures like Alai-Darwaza, Tomb of Iltutmish, two mosques, etc.

4) Qutub Minar had been damaged in 1369 because of lightning strikes.

5) The damaged part of Qutub Minar was rebuilt by Firoj Shah Tughlaq.

6) The Qutub Minar is slightly tilted towards one side due to many renovations that were done over a period of time.

7) The walls of Qutub Minar have the inscriptions written in Urdu and are considered to be taken from verses of the Holy Quran.

8) It took almost around 75 years to build Qutub Minar and was started by Aibak in 1192 and finished by IItutmish.

9) Qutub Minar Festival is celebrated every year in the month of November and December.

10) The Minar has been affected by earthquakes in the past and has undergone a major reconstruction process in the year 1505.

10 Lines on Qutub Minar

5 Lines on Qutub Minar

1) Qutub Minar is situated in Delhi.

2) It is the highest tower built on stone.

3) It was constructed by Qutub-Din-Aibak.

4) It is a five-storey tower.

5) It is among UNESCO world heritage sites.

20 Lines on Qutub Minar

1) Qutub Minar is located in South Delhi at Aurobindo Marg, Mehrauli; Delhi.

2) It is one of the most famous magnificent structures made up of red sandstone.

3) It is a magnificent specimen of Mughal architecture and has become a popular tourist destination in India.

4) It attracts millions of tourists every year and has been declared one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

5) It is believed that it had seven storeys, but the top two fell down in the earthquake.

6) Some other unique structures such as Alai-Darwaza, Iltutmish’s mosque, and many ruins, etc are around this tower and are also adding to its charm.

7) It is believed that the Mughals built this Victory Tower to celebrate their victory over the Rajputs.

8) The Qutub complex has an iron pillar whose height is 7 meters and believed to give good omen.

9) The walls of the minaret are written with various verses from the Quran (Muslim sacred mythological texts).

10) It also contains its own history written in Devanagari and Arabic letters.

11) Qutub Minar is the world’s tallest brick tower built in Mehrauli, Delhi, which is made up of red sandstone.

12) It is a historical monument of India built by Qutub-ud-Din Aibak.

13) Qutub Minar is a 73 meter tall brick tower built in Indo-Islamic architectural style.

14) It has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

15) The base diameter of this tower is 14.3 meters and the top diameter is 2.7 meters.

16) There are 379 steps in its stairs.

17) It was started in 1199 by Qutub-ud-din Aibak but was finished by his successor Iltutmish.

18) Its fifth and last floor was constructed in 1368 by Feroz Shah Tughlaq.

19) The Qutub complex has several other ancient and medieval structures and ruins surrounding the tower.

20) It is the most visited monument of India where people come from every corner of the world to see it.

Qutub Minar is a historically very significant monument. The iron pillar standing in the Qutub Minar complex has not rusted even after 800 years. Tourists, especially students from all around the world visit this place every year to see the beauty of a unique monument.

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