10 Lines on Organ Trafficking

Organ donation for saving other’s life is a selfless activity. It is a noble cause and a hope of survival for a dying patient. The demand for human organ is so high that it has turned into an illegal business. It got the name of Organ Trafficking about which, we are going to learn through some sets of ten lines below.

Ten Lines on Organ Trafficking in English

10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Organ Trafficking are given below in the form of few sets for the students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in very easy language. Just go through them and get your needed one:

10 Lines on Organ Trafficking

1) Organ Trafficking is the illegal trade of human body parts for transplantation.

2) The demand for human organs is very high across the world, and people are ready to pay a huge amount for it.

3) The huge profit involved in the organ trade has given rise to many criminal activities.

4) Human Organ sale in India is illegal with the punishment of imprisonment for five years.

5) Many active organized organ mafias are involved in this dirty business.

6) People from the weaker sections of society easily fall prey to the illegal syndicates.

7) Many inefficient doctors carry illegal organ transplantation compromising the life of the victim.

8) Organ Trafficking is very high all around the globe.

9) Even the children also become victims of organ trafficking.

10) Organ Trafficking is illegal in India and needs strict action from lawmakers to eradicate this social evil.

10 Lines and Sentences on Organ Trafficking

1) Organ donation takes the form of Organ trafficking after the involvement of monetary profit.

2) In India, more than 1.5 lakh patients require kidney every year, but only 2-3% of this meet the demand.

3) According to WHO, around 2000 Indians sell their kidney every year.

4) Iran is the only country which has legalized organ trafficking.

5) The widening gap between demand and supply of organs has given rise to the illicit human organ racket.

6) The Transplantation of Human Organs Bill, 1994 criminalized the illegal human organ trafficking in India.

7) People with challenging financial conditions can easily be agreed to sell their organs to earn easy money.

8) Orphaned and missing kids are the soft targets for the organ trafficking syndicate.

9) The 13th of August annually is a celebration of organ donation day.

10) We should promote the selfless donation of human organs to bridge the gap between its demand and supply.

5 Lines on Organ Trafficking

1) Organ trafficking is an illegal crime.

2) Several medical workers unknowingly sell human organs.

3) Human Kidneys are the most traded organs.

4) Most commonly poor and orphans are the victim of this.

5) An imprisonment of 10 years is done in India for this case.

20 Lines on Organ Trafficking

1) Organ Trafficking is a kind of illegal sale and purchase of human organs.

2) Organ trafficking, in general term, is an Organ Trade.

3) Different body organs account different prices under Organ Trafficking.

4) A kidney is an organ with the highest demand and sale in the trafficking.

5) Organ Trafficking is a reason for increasing human trafficking.

6) Under Organ trafficking, some important body parts are Kidney, Heart, Eyes and Liver.

7) Organ trafficking fetches the most profit, that is the reason for the black market of it.

8) Organ Trafficking is the only market where people are ready to pay every price for their demanded organ.

9) The organs bought illegally may be infected and not good for use.

10) The waiting list of the people for an organ transplant is very high around the globe.

11) Apart from legal purposes, Organ Trafficking is mostly fulfiling illegal purposes.

12) In the illegal form, Organ Trafficking is a kind of indirect Human Trafficking.

13) The organs, bought from illegal means, are not guaranteed to function properly and be in working condition.

14) Kidney covers up to 75% market under Organ Trafficking.

15) Child Trafficking is a big reason for Organ Trafficking.

16) The demand for human organs is very high in every country of the world.

17) In organ trafficking, the human kidney has a price ranging 70 to 80 thousand dollars.

18) The poor economic condition of people encourages them to involve in human trafficking.

19) Lung, Cornea, Liver, Heart, Kidney and Pancreas are the organs to be trafficked most frequently.

20) Organ trafficking is common in those countries which don’t have a single strict law against it.

Despite organ trafficking being an illegal practice in India, there are many cases of illicit human organ transplant. If every individual donates his organs for the betterment of the society, then this crime will automatically get abolished, and there will be no deaths due to organ failure. Each individual must pledge to donate his organs after death so that it gives life to others and also a way by which our organs survive after our death.

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