10 Lines on O.P. Jindal

O.P. Jindal was one of the most renowned personalities of the 20th century. The Jindal Steel and Power is a creation of his mind. You can read more about him here because we have provided some sets of 10 lines on O.P. Jindal below. These sets will help you to go through his life journey in very less time. So here we go.

Ten Lines on O.P. Jindal

Set – 1

1) Om Prakash Jindal is known for founding ‘Jindal Steel and Power’.

2) He had born on 7 August 1930 in the Hisar district of Punjab in British India.

3) He had an interest in machines and their functions since his childhood.

4) He and his brother established a Pipe Bend and Socket Industry in 1952 in Kolkata.

5) His industry brought his fame worldwide, not only in India.

6) Not only India, but he established its units in other countries as well.

7) He married to Savitri Jindal in 2005.

8) He held the Ministry of Power from the Government of Haryana in 2005.

9) He died on 31st of March 2005 after attaining the age of 74.

10) His industry is inherited by his four sons.

Set – 2

1) Apart from being an Industrialist, he was also a political personality from Haryana.

2) He was a popular steel industrialist not only in India but also in other countries.

3) Despite the lack of proper education, he came out to be a successful business tycoon.

4) He entered politics through the political party Indian National Congress.

5) He was known for making the technical invention in his industry.

6) He received the ‘Lifetime Achievements Award’ for his successful entrepreneurial skill.

7) He has been on the list of the richest people in India and also in the world.

8) He was thrice the candidate of Hisar Legislative Assembly seat of Haryana.

9) His youngest son Naveen Jindal established O.P. Jindal Global University in 2009.

10) His four sons have proved to be successful industrialists after him.

O.P. Jindal has taught the entire world that success only needs a good idea and its appropriate implementation. He didn’t have complete formal education though he attained the height of success with the help of his mind. His life is an inspiration for us, and this legend will always remain in our hearts.

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