10 Lines on Nelson River

Nelson River is one of the major rivers which flows into north America in the Canadian province of Manitoba. The full length of Nelson River which includes Saskatchewan and Bow River is of 2575 km. It comes out of the different number of lakes which flows to the Hudson Bay.

Since Nelson River flows out of the Lake Winnipeg, it constitutes the last part of large Saskatchewan River System along with Red River and Winnipeg River.

The Nelson River was discovered in 1612 by an English explorer named Sir Thomas Button who gave the name of the river as Nelson to remember his deceased sailing master.

A railway route named Hudson Bay Railway follows the route of the river and was built in the year 1997 to facilitate transportation in the region.

Ten Lines on Nelson River in English

We have provided ten lines on Nelson River in English for class 3, class 4, class 5 and class 6. After reading these lines you will know that what is Nelson River, from where the Nelson River originates, up to how much distance Nelson River flows to Hudson Bay, which lakes Nelson River crosses, what is the length and catchment area of Nelson River etc.

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10 Lines on Nelson River – Set 1

1) Nelson River is one of the major rivers which flows in north-central North America.

2) It splits into a number of lakes and flows to east before getting drained.

3) Nelson River originates by draining Lake Winnipeg and then flows northwards.

4) It flows up to 644 km from Lake Winnipeg to end up in Hudson Bay.

5) As Nelson River drains Lake Winnipeg, it is the part of Saskatchewan River System.

6) Nelson River flows through many lakes like Cross Lake, Sipiwesk Lake, Split Lake etc.

7) The length of Nelson River is 2575 km and the catchment area is 1,072,300 square km.

8) The Nelson River gets drained into Hudson Bay from the way of port Nelson in north.

9) The tributaries of Nelson River are Burntwood River, Grass River, Lake Winnipeg etc.

10) Cities which are located on the banks of Nelson River are Burntwood, Manitoba etc.

We have provided another set of ten points on Nelson River for class 9, class 10, class 11 and class 12. After going through these points, you will find that who discovered Nelson River and on whose name Nelson River was named, what is the annual water discharge of Nelson River, what area of drainage comes in United States, which dams are built on Nelson River etc.

You can use these lines in your speeches and extempore in the school competitions. These lines will also increase your knowledge on Nelson River and it will also be very useful in your seminars as well as in your GK quiz competitions.

10 Lines on Nelson River – Set 2

1) Nelson River is a river which flows in north-central part of North America located in the Canadian province of northern Manitoba.

2) The name of the river was given by a Welsh explorer named ‘Sir Thomas Button’ in 1612 after ‘Robert Nelson’, a ship’s master who died there.

3) Nelson River empties the Lake Winnipeg and then it runs into northwards by running up to 644 km and drains by discharging into Hudson Bay near York Factory.

4) The Nelson River flows into Playgreen Lake starting from the Lake Winnipeg, and then it crosses through the two channels into Cross Lake.

5) Nelson River is the last part of the largest Saskatchewan River System along with that of Red River and Winnipeg River.

6) The average annual water discharge of Nelson River is 2370 cubic metre per second and along with other rivers it is difficult to navigate.

7) The Nelson River basin has the drainage system of 1,072,300 square km out of which 180,000 square km lies in the United States of America.

8) The Hudson Bay Railway which is a branch of Canadian National Railway follows most of the course of Nelson River and a railway link is also built to Port Nelson.

9) The nickel mining operations at Thompson, located near Burntwood River is generated from Kelsey Dam which is located on the Nelson River.

10) Nelson River is also used for producing hydroelectricity and Kettle Rapids, Long Spruce and Kelsey Dam etc are few examples.

North America has only one port on the Arctic Ocean which is linked to the North American railway grid located at Churchill in Manitoba. The Nelson River’s estuary is broad and shallow so the ports were constructed artificially in the middle of the river. The water of the Nelson River is also very useful for generating hydroelectricity as various dams like Kelsey Dam, Kettle Rapids Dam, Long Spruce Dam were built on the Nelson River and its basin.