10 Lines on National Voluntary Blood Donation Day

We all know the importance of blood in our body. Blood is a fluid or liquid circulated in our body and is responsible for transferring nutrients and oxygen to different parts of our body. Blood plays one of the vital roles in our body and helps other organs in proper functioning and hence helps us to live. In order to bring attention to the need and role of blood in an individual’s daily life every year in India National Voluntary Blood Donation Day is celebrated.

Ten Lines on Voluntary Blood Donation Day in English

Here we are presenting ten simple lines in the form of sets on National Voluntary Blood Donation Day so that you can easily understand the importance of this day.

Set 1

1) National Voluntary Blood Donation Day was first celebrated on 1 October 1975.

2) It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Dr. Jai Gopal Jolly (also known as Father of Transfusion Medicine).

3) In order to increase voluntary blood donor, it is celebrated every year.

4) Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology (ISBTI) started this celebration.

5) Every year this day is celebrated with different theme.

6) “Give blood and keep the world beating” is the theme for world blood donor day in 2021.

7) It also inspires people who are bounded to donate blood only to their relatives.

8) Various awareness camps and events are organized on this day.

9) It is celebrated to remove misconception among public regarding blood donation.

10) This program can also be seen as thanking event for the voluntary donors.

Set 2

1) This day attracts more voluntary donors to donate blood.

2) Through this program, collected Blood is stored for emergency.

3) This celebration is celebrating ever year on 1st oct .

4) The motive of this program is to encourage people to donate blood.

5) 1 unit of blood (350mL) donation can save three people’s lives.

6) Some of the PSU like ONGC, GAIL etc. visits colleges to encourage students to donate blood and they also give rewards.

7) Voluntary Blood Donation Day is celebrated to remove fear and ignorance from the people and to take part in this campaign.

8) This day is celebrated to bring awesome changes in the society and get to know about the life saving measures caused by any accident or injury.

9) The maximum blood donors are from Tripura, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Maharashtra.

10) Some of the criteria for the blood donors take place under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940.

Blood donation is a life saving measure. Anyone who is healthy and aged between 18 to 65 can donate blood. A blood donor can be a blood receiver in future, therefore storing blood for emergency purpose is important. Some people afraid of donating blood due to various misbelieve associated with it. Many Governments as well as NGOs works selflessly to promote blood donation.