10 Lines on Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti

India is blessed with many legends. In honor to them, we celebrate birth anniversary of some of these like Gandhi Jayanti, Valmiki Jayanti, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Ambedkar Jayanti and so on. One of them is Agrasen Jayanti. Maharaj Agrasen was a king with golden heart. He is considered legendary God in India. Different colleges and hospitals had been set up by his name.

Ten Lines on Agrasen Jayanti in English

Here we are providing ten simple lines in the form of sets on Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti which will give you complete information about him in very short period of time.

Set 1

1) On the occasion of birth anniversary of King Agrasen, Agrasen Jayanti is celebrated.

2) It lies on the 4th day of Ashwin Month (that falls generally in September or October month), according to the Hindu calendar.

3) It is an annual celebration and observed by Hindus.    

4) Agrasen was king of Agroha (Hisar district in Haryana).

5) He was born in the era of Mahabharata, end of Dwapar Yuga.

6) His father was King Vallabh Dev and mother was Bhagwati Devi.

7) Agrasen belongs to the descendant of Kush (son of Lord Ram).

8) The Agarwal and Agrahari community of Hindus are originated from him.

9) It is said that Lord Agrasen was married to 17 ‘Naga-Kanyas’ (half human and half serpent).

10) Maharaj Agrasen had 18 children and it is believed that the 18 gotra of Agrawal is associated with that.

Set 2

1) King Agrasen was kshatriya (one of four varna).

2) He adopted Vaishya Varna for the well-being of his people.

3) He banned animal sacrifice and promoted non-violence.

4) The state of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh observe regional holiday on this day.

5) On this day, the Agrawal community performs different social welfare activities.

6) Various cultural programs are organized on this day.

7) People organize free food camps to help needy.

9) Themotive of the program is to spread his message of equality and unity.

10) On 5100s birth anniversary of Maharaj Agrasen (1976), the Government of India had issued a stamp in his honor.

Maharaj Agrasen believed in the idea of unity and brotherhood. We all are well aware with the system of a brick and a coin started by Agrasen. In Agroha, city of King Agrasen, he proposed that any newcomerto their kingdom will receive one brick and one coin from every other house. He believed that the coin would help people to settle their business whereas brick will help to make house, where they can live.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions

Q.1 When will Agrasen Jayanti celebrated in 2021?

Ans. Agrasen Jayanti will be celebrated on 7 October (Thursday), 2021.

Q.2 Is Agrasen Jayanti a national holiday?

Ans. Agrasen Jayanti is regional public holiday observed mostly in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana.