10 Lines on Mother

God could not be present everywhere so he created mother. This is the old saying which everyone might have heard in their lives. It is also perfectly correct in all the manners. Mothers are the most beautiful creation of God and a gift to the mankind. They are the one who brought us in this world and nurtured us with love and care. The love and care a mother gives to her child could not be compared with anything in this world.

She is the first teacher of a child and the person who instills moral values and ethics into her children and always guides them to follow the right path. She is the most important person and also considered as the backbone of a family.

Ten Lines on Mother in English

Below are the ten lines on Mother which will help you understand the importance of a mother in your life. The points mentioned below will help you to enhance your thinking and also help you to write short and long essay or to prepare a speech on mother’s day.

These special points given below are written in a very simple and easy to understand language without any complexities. Please go through them and try to get benefited from all the aspects.

10 Lines on Mother – Set 1

1) A mother is a person who thinks about her children first before anything else in life.

2) A mother’s love is selfless and she loves her children without demanding anything in return.

3) She is the one who makes us stand on our feet and helps us to take the first step.

4) She is the person who highly influences our thinking and helps us to become a responsible individual.

5) She is the one who works 24 hours for her family and gets up before sunrise and sleeps only after sending everyone to bed.

6) A mother might face lots of difficulties in her daily life but she always welcomes her kids with a big smile.

7) She acts as a tutor during exams, a guide during important decisions of life and a nurse during our sickness.

8) Mother’s Day is celebrated across the globe on different dates to thank and pay tribute to our mother.

9) Anna Jarvis is considered as the founder of Mother’s Day in the United States of America.

10) A mother is the first person a child recognizes as infant and this bond of love and affection continues for a lifetime.

We have also provided an additional set of 10 lines on Mother below. This will help you to better your understanding and broaden you thinking on the topic. It will help you to gain more knowledge through different meaningful points which will help you to enhance your writing skill and help you in writing speeches and make it more appealing and unique. Please go through them and enhance your writing and impress your parents and teachers.

10 Lines on Mother - Set 2

1)  A mother is another face of God because she is the one who brought us in this world and nurtured us to become great individuals.

2) She sacrifices her own needs and desires so that she can provide a better future for her children.

3) She is the one who does not discriminates her child on the basis of gender and showers her love and affection equally on male as well as female child.

4) A mother is a statue of forgiveness; she forgives all major and minor mistakes of her children and never keeps any sour feeling for them.

5) She prepares delicious foods but never eats before her children and sometimes remains hungry but fills the stomach of her children.

6)  A mother is the most sacred and selfless soul existing on earth.

7) She is the only one who will never hurt her children either physically or emotionally.

8) She might have faced many difficulties in her life but she always wants to give a smooth life for her children away from all the problems of life.

9) She is the only one who understands her children better than anyone else in this world.

10) A mother is a source of inspiration and guiding light which helps us to achieve success and happiness in our lives.

Below we have provided 3rd set of 10 Lines on Mother for your knowledge and information. You can use these few lines on the occasion of Mother’s Day or other similar events in your school, family or locality. After going through these special points, you would know a lot about mother; what is the definition of a mother; what is a mother’s prime responsibility; can someone not biologically related could be referred to as mother etc.

10 Lines on Mother - Set 3

1) Mother is the most wonderful creation of God.

2) A woman who gives birth to a child is referred as his/her mother.

3) In general terms the word “Mother” can be used for humans as well as animals.

4) A mother is the first to provide love and affection to a child.

5) A mother loves her child more than anything in the world.

6) She shares an unequal emotional bond with her child/children.

7) Mother stays with her children through all the adversities and happy moments.

8) Mother displays exceptional love, dedication and caring for her children.

9) A mother might not necessarily be a biological mother; she could also be a caretaker.

10) Selfless and dedicated love has made mother the most respected relations in the world.

Please find below yet another set of 10 Lines on Mother. After going through these points, you would be able to know that what the most basic duty of a mother is; what the responsibilities of a mother are; what a mother teaches to her children; what does a mother protects her children from etc.

10 Lines on Mother - Set 4

1) A mother is the friend and the prime guardian of her child.

2) She has the responsibility of nursing her children and framing their physical and social abilities.

3) A mother may stay at home or she may work outside to sustain her family.

5) She is the first person to teach her children to talk and to walk.

6) She cares for her children in sickness and disease, with utmost dedication.

7) A mother also protects her children from external threats and dangers.

8) She teaches her children about the worldly matters and other living creatures.

9) It is only in the company of a mother that a child feels most comfortable and secure.

10) A mother is just like God to a child and is his/her most loved companion for life.

It’s never possible to describe mother in few words or lines. She is the one who always stands beside us in our good and bad times and never leaves our hand.  It is our responsibility to reciprocate the same thing to her when she enters her old age and becomes weaker. We should also take good care of her in her old age just like she did when we were infants.

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