10 Lines on Miss World

Miss World is one of the four most important international beauty pageants. It is made for women of the world and is working in its field from 1951 making it a title of glory for women and the nation they belong to. Having sets of 10 lines on Miss World will help you in getting some very important information about it in very little time.

Ten Lines on Miss World

Set 1

1) Miss World is the oldest of currently active beauty pageants in the World.

2) This pageant was founded in the United Kingdom in the year 1951.

3) The event of Miss World is organized for women of the world annually.

4) The contest is broadcast over Television with the first broadcasting in 1959 by BBC.

5) The contest is organized by the Miss World Organisation based in the United Kingdom.

6) The contestants of Miss World have to go through events Miss World Beach Beauty, Beauty with a Purpose, Talent and Top Model.

7) The contestants who pass these events land into the quarter of Semi-final of Miss World.

8) The Miss World Organisation also works for the underprivileged and disabled children’s charity.

9) Reita Faria was the first Indian to become the Miss World (1966).

10) India has won the pageant of Miss World six times in history by 2019.

Set 2

1) The greatest beauty pageant Miss World had started as a Festive Bikini Contest.

2) One should be above the age of 18 to participate in the Miss World contest.

3) The pageant is about vision, beauty, intelligence, wit, hard-work, and sensitivity.

4) The candidate having a height of at least 5 feet and 5 inches are considered for the contest.

5) The winner of the pageant gets sponsorship, free cosmetics and endorsement of many popular brands.

6) The winner is also provided price money which is not revealed by the Committee.

7) India is one of the countries winning the title of Miss World most numbers of times.

8) Manushi Chhillar of Haryana, India had become Miss World in the year 2017.

9) Manushi had won the cash prize of INR 10 crore with her Miss World crown.

10) Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica is the titleholder of Miss World for the year 2019.

Miss World is not just only a beauty pageant but it is a dream of many women in the world. The crown of Miss World does not decorate a woman only but the entire nation. The titleholder of Miss World is not only respected in her own country but also in the world. The title of Miss World is a way to encourage the women of the world to prove that they can do anything and everything that boys can.