10 Lines on Miss Universe

The beauty pageants are the title for women for their inner and outer beauty. There are mainly four beauty pageants on the International level and they are Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International, and Miss World. Miss Universe is very important for all of them and below 10 points on it will help you in understanding the whole concept of the pageant in very less time.

Ten Lines on Miss Universe

Set 1

1) Miss Universe is a beauty pageant for women being distributed annually.

2) The event of Miss World is held generally in the month of November or December.

3) The Miss Universe title is conferred by the Miss Universe Organization in the United States.

4) The women from different countries of the world participate in the event of Miss World.

5) The selected candidate of a country should be the winner of the local pageant.

6) The crown of the Miss Universe is called the Mouawad Crown.

7) The contestant of the Miss Universe pageant should have achieved the age of 18 years.

8) The contest is aired live on Television in all over the world.

9) The objective of the pageant is building confidence in women to enhance their beauty.

10) The pageant of Miss Universe is distributed in the United States.

Set 2

1) Miss Universe is the largest beauty pageant for women in the world.

2) The present structure of Miss Universe was instituted in the year 1952.

3) The United States has the most number of titles, 8 Miss Universe by now.

4) The Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen has been the Miss Universe in the year 1994.

5) Another Bollywood actress Lara Dutta had the Miss Universe pageant in the year 2000.

6) After the Miss Universe title, the first and second runner-ups are also awarded in the contest.

7) The titleholder of Miss Universe is required to stay unmarried until she has the title.

8) The winner of the Miss Universe is sent to New-York to represent the title and inspire the women of the world.

9) The first Miss Universe title was won by Armi Kuusela of Finland.

10) The Miss Universe for the year 2019 was Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa.

Though the title of Miss Universe is won by a woman of a specific country yet the moment is a matter of pride for every people of the nation. Every contestant who reached in the top 10 contestants is already a winner for her people. The main objective behind promoting such a beauty pageant is to motivate women to work for self-improvement. We should encourage such efforts.