10 Lines on Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, an American entrepreneur, and philanthropist, born in White Plains, New York, on14th May 1984. His mother, Karen, was a psychiatrist, and father Edward Zuckerberg, a dentist. He got admitted to Ardsley High School, where he was good in studies but for some reason transferred to the private school Phillips Exeter Academy, in New Hampshire, where he won prizes in mathematics, astronomy, physics, and classical studies.

Ten Lines on Mark Zuckerberg

Set 1

1) At the age of only 12 years, Mark Zuckerberg created a messaging program ZuckNet that his father had been using in his dental clinic to communicate with his receptionist without yelling.

2) Zuckerberg started his training and joined a computer graduate class at the nearby Mercy College while still in high school.

3) Zuckerberg first launched Facebook from his hostel dormitory at Harvard University along with some of his classmates.

4) A biopic was made on the life of Zuckerberg and the birth of Facebook called The Social Network.

5) Zuckerberg donated $25 million to fight with the disastrous Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa in 2014.

6) Zuckerberg married his girlfriend Priscilla Chan, who he knew for a long time.

7) Zuckerberg has signed the "Giving Pledge" and made a commitment to donate at least 50% of his wealth.

8) As CEO of Facebook, he withdraws only $1 per annum as his salary.

9) Zuckerberg was announced as the “Person of the Year" in 2010 and in 2013 by Time Magazine.

10) He holds 10th position in Forbes List among 400 richest Americans.

Through, these ten Important lines we are giving few facts on the achievements, work, status, life, and success of the legend Zuckerberg. In these points, you will be able to find out some untouched information that will amuse you. Students may use these special lines to make their written work more special. It can be used in all kinds of academic writings including to complete the projects. The lines are given hereunder:

Set 2

1) In high school, he created an app called ‘Synapse Media Player’, an MP3 player that kept track of the user’s favorite songs and made playlists based on choices.

2) He kept the Facebook logo blue because Zuckerberg has red-green color blindness.

3) He is a polyglot and knows 6 languages including English, Hebrew, French, Latin, Greek, and Mandarin Chinese.

4) He loves to listen to the music and some of Mark’s favorite music artists are Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Radiohead.

5) He is a pet-lover and owns a Hungarian sheepdog named Beast, who has a Facebook page with 1.5 million fans.

6) Zuckerberg was a non-vegetarian but turned vegetarian in 2011 and said that he would eat the meat of the animals killed as prey during his hunting.

7) In July 2011, Zuckerberg became the most followed user on Google's social network Google+.

8) Mark Zuckerberg cannot be blocked on Facebook.

9) In his college days, Zuckerberg invented Facemash, a program that was designed to find out who is the most attractive person on the campus.

10) The basic earnings of Facebook come from circumstantial advertisements on the pages of the social network.

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most recognizable CEOs in the world. Just at the age of 32, he has earned a lot of wealth and popularity. Born Christian and reared Jewish, he is an atheist. He showed some respect for Buddhism. He has also been very active in China and a member of Tsinghai University Business School's advisory board since 2014.

His net worth is estimated at $54.78 billion in 2016 and currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the social networking site Facebook. There is no doubt that Facebook has changed the way of communication and is the most popular social networking website nowadays. We should be thankful to this young entrepreneur who has made our communication system easier.