10 Lines on Lockdown

The ‘Lockdown’ is a legal and constitutional term but not often used. Maybe you have heard about it or not, you are going to know all about it. To enrich you with information regarding lockdown, we have created some sets of 10 lines on Lockdown below. You can go through them right now. They will tell you all about Lockdown.

Ten Lines on Lockdown

Set – 1

1) Lockdown is a state in which people of a specific region are forced to stay in their house or a limited place.

2) Lockdown is done for some specific purpose.

3) It is implemented by someone who is in power and holds responsibility.

4) It is applied to save people from some hazardous situations like any natural disaster or an epidemic.

5) Emergency lockdown and preventive lockdown are two types of lockdown.

6) It may be applied in a small community, a whole city or the complete nation.

7) In common sense, a lockdown is a complete restriction of human contact with the outer world.

8) In the situation of ‘Full Lockdown’, people remain safe and under a roof wherever they are.

9) It is a well-planned step by the government for the people.

10) Lockdown can’t be effective if it is not implemented well.

Set – 2

1) The word ‘Lockdown’ is a political term used for some social cause.

2) Under lockdown, the government orders people to stay inside a closed door or any safe area.

3) There have been many lockdowns in the history of the world.

4) Sometimes lockdown are applied in an emergency situation understanding its urgency.

5) There is also a provision of applying lockdown much before the hazardous situation.

6) Emergency lockdown is to decrease the effect of the problem that has reached us.

7) Preventive lockdown is to prevent the situation of hazard.

8) Whether it is preventive or emergency, lockdowns are for the people of that region.

9) A complete lockdown can’t be successful without the cooperation of the people.

10) Lockdown is a legal step, and its violator can be charged or imprisoned.

We hope that the sets above might have helped you a lot. Because the topic is useful for children of all ages, we have provided the sets in very easy language. Also, these sets will help you if you are going to write about Lockdown or deliver a speech on the topic.