10 Lines on Hand Wash

Our hands are such parts of the body that come in contact with most outer world. We touch our ears, eyes, nose, etc most frequently. Microorganisms like bacteria and virus may reach inside our body and make us sick. We have created some sets of 10 lines on Hand-Wash below. You can read them and get their benefits.

Ten Lines on Hand Wash

Set – 1

1) Hand-wash is a habit of sanitation and personal hygiene.

2) One should wash his hands to get rid of harmful germs and viruses.

3) We can wash our hands with soap and water.

4) Hand wash keeps us healthy and free from diseases.

5) It is an act of making yourself and surrounding clean.

6) Hand wash becomes very important when it comes to spreading some infectious diseases.

7) we must wash our hands after using the washroom.

8) Ensure to wash your hands before eating food.

9) There is a proper way and steps of handwashing to get benefited.

10) Excess hand-wash may lead to the damage of the skin.

Set – 2

1) Hand wash is recommended for health benefits.

2) We can use any soap or liquid for hand wash.

3) There are also hand sanitizers available in the market for instant hand wash anywhere.

4) A good hand sanitizer should contain at least 60% alcohol.

5) Hand wash is to keep harmful micro-organism away from us.

6) After visiting a Hospital, washing your hands is very important.

7) Washing hands should be a behavioural practice for everyone.

8) We should teach our children to practice hand wash from childhood.

9) For a proper hand wash, the soap should be applied for at least 20 seconds.

10) After washing hands, drying it is equally important.

So you have come across all the answers to your questions related to hand wash. Hand wash is a good and healthy habit that we should teach our younger. The use of hand sanitizer has become common in now a day, but it was made for those places where water was not easily available. Whatever be the method, hand wash is very important for all.