10 Lines on Kautilya

Kautilya has an important role in Hindu, Jain, and Kashmiri scriptures. It is time for us to have some information about the legend. For it, we have created some sets of 10 lines on Kautilya. They will surely benefit you with plenty of information, and you can find them below. So let’s jump to the sets right now.

Ten Lines on Kautilya

Set – 1

1) Kautilya was a philosopher and an economist in India.

2) He had born in 371 BC.

3) He had born in a poor family with the unavailability of food every day.

4) He was an important member of the court of the king Chandragupta.

5) He is considered to be the creator of ‘Arthshastra’ (Economics).

6) Apart from the Hindi language, he was also debt in the language Persian and the Greek.

7) He had completely read three of the four Vedas and was versed in politics.

8) Hindu literature says that he was a Brahmin, while Jain literature says that he was a Jainism.

9) He had died in Pataliputra during Mauryan Empire.

10) His thought and rules are mentioned in his book ‘Chanakya Niti’.

Set – 2

1) Other names of Kautilya are Chanakya and Vishnugupta.

2) Different religious scriptures have described different places of their birth.

3) Arthashastra and Chanakya Niti are the two most deserved literature of Kautilya.

4) Chanakya was also a court-member of Bindusara, the son of Chandragupta.

5) He had got his education from the University of Taxila.

6) In his literature, Kautilya has promptly discussed the responsibilities of a king.

7) The four famous policies of Saam, Daam, Dand, and Bhed were introduced by him.

8) His rule and concepts in Politics are still taught in political science.

9) King Chandragupta had himself told the role of Kautilya in establishing the Mauryan Empire.

10) The cause of the death of Kautilya is still a mystery.

Though we have tried to provide you with plenty of information about Kautilya, there is a lot to know about him. All his works and achievements are very hard to mention in a few lines. We hope that our effort to make you used to with most of the information about him in an easy language has succeeded.

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