10 Lines on Irtysh River

Irtysh River is a major river of West-Central and Western Asia. It is a trans-boundary river which flows through China, Russia and Kazakhstan. Irtysh is the chief tributary of Ob River and is the longest river inflow in the world. The basin area of Irtysh River is around 54000 square km. Irtysh has mixed types of nature where on the upper course of the river consists of snow, ice and less rain, the lower course consists of snow, rain and soil.

The river rises from the glaciers of south-west slopes of the Altai Mountains located in the Uyghur region of the autonomous region of Xinjiang province of China. It is also used for transportation in Russia and Kazakhstan mostly between April and October which is the ice-free season of the area.

Ten Lines on Irtysh River in English

We are providing here 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Irtysh River in English Language for students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Students can get help in their studies from these sets of lines and complete their home work, assignments, project work and can get knowledge within less time also. So, let’s start:

10 Lines on Irtysh River

1) Irtysh is the river which flows in the parts of Siberia and Kazakhstan.

2) It is a trans-boundary river which flows through Russia, China and Kazakhstan.

3) The source of the river lies in the Mongolian Altai Mountains located in China.

4) Irtysh River flows to west across the Chinese border through the Lake Zaysan.

5) It flows into southern of the West Siberian Plain and enters Russia.

6) After meeting Ishim and Tobol Rivers, Irtysh gets drained into Ob River in Russia.

7) The length of Irtysh River is 4370 km with catchment area of 1,643,000 square km.

8) The Ob-Irtysh River basin system forms the major drainage basin in the Asian region.

9) Main tributary of Irtysh River is the Tobol River whereas Irtysh is a tributary of Ob River.

10) The Irtysh and Ob rivers together constitute the world’s seventh longest river system.

10 Lines and Sentences on Irtysh River

1) Irtysh River is a major river of West-Central as well as Western Asia and it is one of the largest rivers of the Asian continent.

2) Irtysh River is called as ‘Ertis’ in Kazakh and ‘Ertis He’ in Chinese Pinyin.

3) From the origin of Irtysh River, the ‘Kara-Irtysh’ or ‘Black Irtysh’ flows in the Mongolian area in Xinjiang province of China through Kazakhstan.

4) The term ‘White Irtysh’ on the contrary to the ‘Black Irtysh’ was used in past to the Irtysh River which flows below the Lake Zaysan.

5) The Irtysh River has the longest river inflow of the world which flows through the territory of China (525 km), Kazakhstan (1700 km) and Russia (2010 km).

6) The river rises from glaciers of south-western slopes of the Altai Mountains in the Uyghur autonomous province in Xinjiang in far North-West China.

7) The Irtysh’s main tributaries include Tobol, Demyanka and Ishim Rivers and the Ob-Irtysh drainage system forms a major drainage basin in Asia.

8) Freight tankers, passenger ships and boats navigate on Irtysh River for transportation in the ice-free seasons of April to October.

9) In the Kazakhstan side of the Irtysh River, three hydroelectric power projects have been built viz. Bakhtarma, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Shulbinsk.

10) Three dams have also been constructed on the Chinese side of Irtysh River viz. the Keketuohai Dam, the Kalasuke Dam and Project 365 Dam.

5 Lines on Irtysh River

1) It is among the longest rivers in Asia.

2) It is the main tributary of the Ob River.

3) It covers different parts of Siberia and Kazakhstan.

4) Its length is approximately 4248 km.

5) Finally it merges with the Arctic Ocean.

20 Lines on Irtysh River

1) Irtysh River emerges from the northwest region of China.

2) It is stated as the world’s longest tributary river.

3) It traces its course through Russia, China, and Kazakhstan.

4) Mongolian Altai in Dzungaria is the originating place of the river Irtysh.

5) Irtysh River is 4248 km in length.

6) The area of the River basin of Irtysh River is 1643000 square km.

7) A great drainage basin in Asia is formed by the Ob-Irtysh river system.

8) Tobol, Noska, and Ishim, etc. are the left bank tributaries of river Irtysh.

9) Uba, Tara, Uy, etc. are the right bank tributaries of river Irtysh.

10) Irtysh River finally discharges into the Arctic Ocean after unifying with river Ob.

11) River Irtysh is an important river in the Asian Continent.

12) It is regarded as the major tributary of the Ob River.

13) Irtysh River is one of the longest rivers in Asia.

14) Black Irtysh was the name given to the portion of the river from its origin to entering Lake Zaysan.

15) The course of the river after Lake Zaysan is called White Irtysh.

16) Buktarma, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Shulbinsk, etc are the dams built on Irtysh river.

17) They facilitate people for irrigation purposes and hydroelectricity production.

18) The river water fulfills the need of people living in the river valley for years.

19) Irtysh river basin is home to different species of flora and fauna.

20) The maximum utilization of river water in China is becoming a concern at present.

Irtysh River is very much useful for fishing, irrigation, transportation and navigational purpose especially by the people who are residing on the banks and in the nearby area of the river. Several dams and hydroelectric projects have also been built on Irtysh River. Russia, China and Kazakhstan all have different types of bridges and hydroelectricity ventures running in their parts of Irtysh River like in Bakhtarma, Keketuohai Dams, Project 365 etc.

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