10 Lines on Human Rights

Human rights are as old as the human civilization. Every human is a social being, due to this nature he lives in a society with other people. Being an individual he also has certain basic rights for leading a decent life.

Human rights helps the individual to live a descent life with dignity, freedom and authority Human rights come under the category of legal rights that’s why in case of infringement of these rights, one can go to the court of law and complain against the infringement of his human rights. Human Rights are universal, inseparable and non-transferable.

Ten Lines on Human Rights in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on human rights in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. After reading these lines you will know that what are human rights, what a human rights showcases, what international law says about human rights, what is the motto of human rights, what is the importance of human rights, what are basic human rights, what is human rights violation etc.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. These lines will also help you while writing human rights essay, or few lines on human rights and importance of human rights essay etc.

10 Lines on Human Rights

1) Human rights are the basic rights which every human being acquires during his birth.

2) Human rights are said to be the moral principles which show certain standards of human behaviour.

3) According to international law human rights come under the aegis of legal rights.

4) The motto of giving human rights to every person is that he could lead his life without fear, harassment and discrimination.

5) Human rights are universal i.e. people have access of these rights in every corner of the world.

6) Human rights give us freedom to develop choices about our life and to develop our potential as a human being.

7) Some human rights are right to life, right to fair trial, freedom of expression, religious freedom, health rights, education and adequate standard of living etc.

8) Human rights are also considered violated when the government of a country abuses or denies the basic rights of its citizens.

9) Huge intensity of human rights violations can be seen during wars or armed conflicts.

10) Human rights violation is also seen in those countries which have dictatorship, autocratic rule or ruling of one party.

10 Lines and Sentences on Human Rights

1) Human rights are the basic freedom that all people must have for their basic needs and capabilities.

2) Human rights are for human beings and human rights exist along with the existence of human beings.

3) Human rights are essential for human existence as well as personality development and performance of human beings.

4) Human rights can be of two types, one is that which is important for respectable human existence e.g. – bread, clothes and shelter.

5) Another type of human right is that which is essential for adequate development of a human personality, e.g. – education, health, sanitation etc.

6) For safeguarding human rights all over the world, UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council) was established on 15th March, 2006.

7) In India, NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) was established on 12th October, 1993 to safeguard human rights of its citizens.

8) ‘Amnesty International’ or AI is a London based international NGO which fights against the human rights violations across the world.

9) Human rights violations are proved to be a stigma on human rights because it rises due to instability and insecurity in a nation.

10) Human rights are mostly denied by the governments during national emergency or for people who are against the government, like terrorist

5 Lines on Human Rights

1) Human rights are universal rights.

2) These are the rights enjoyed by every human.

3) It is given for the basic rights of citizens.

4) Human rights are enjoyed without any discrimination.

5) Some basic human rights are right to education, right to freedom, right to equality, right to life, right to privacy, etc.

20 Lines on Human Rights

1) Human rights are the basic rights given to each person.

2) These are protected as legal rights from municipal to international law.

3) Human rights are universal.

4) It can be said that these apply everywhere and all the time.

5) Human rights are called a set of norms that delineate certain standards of human behaviour.

6) Every human being on earth has the right to live.

7) Every human being has the right to speak freely and give his opinion publicly.

8) A person also has the right to follow any religion of his choice and can change it at any time according to his wish.

9) These rights are violated when action by the state ignores, denies or abuses these rights.

10) United Nations committees are formed to prevent human rights abuses.

11) Human rights are called unrestricted rights that every person on earth is entitled to just because he is a human being.

12) These are called moral principles that describe certain standards of human behaviour.

13) Protected by law, these rights apply everywhere and at all times.

14) Every person is entitled to enjoy basic human rights.

15) It gives people an opportunity to contribute to the government’s participation and determination of laws.

16) Everyone has the right to speak freely and express their opinion.

17) United Nations committees have been formed to ensure that every person enjoys these basic rights.

18) It is usually subject to certain limitations such as obscenity, defamation and abatement to violence or crime etc.

19) Governments of various countries and many non-governmental organizations have also been formed to monitor and protect these rights.

20) These organizations work towards spreading awareness about human rights so that people are well aware of their rights.

Human rights are non-separable and universal and no one can snatch it anywhere in the world and if this happens then you can go to the court of law. Human rights are for all irrespective of the caste, sex, creed, race, religion, ethnicity etc. Our Indian constitution has provided the fundamental rights which show the reflection of human rights but in some cases human rights are violated either through the government by imposing national emergency or any group who is involved in terrorist activities against nation.

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