10 Lines on Hazrat Ali’s Birthday

Hazrat Ali was born in Kaaba in the Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He is considered as the most respected and pioneer person who spread the teachings of Islam and sayings of Prophet Mohammad to the world. He was the fourth caliph declared by Prophet Mohammad. Hazrat Ali was cousin of Prophet Mohammad as well was son-in-law as he married Prophet Mohammad’s daughter, Fatimah and he is considered as first imam of Islamic world.

Hazrat Ali’s full name was Ali ibn Abi Talib and he was born to Abu Talib and Fatimah bint Asad as his parents in the month of 13th Rajab, the seventh month of Islamic calendar. The day is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm in the Muslim community and people visit mosques to offer prayers on the occasion.

Ten Lines on Hazrat Ali’s Birthday in English

10 Lines on Hazrat Ali’s Birthday – Set 1

1) Hazrat Ali or simply known as ‘Ali’ was the fourth caliph from 656 CE to 661 CE.

2) He was the successor as well as son in law of Prophet Mohammad.

3) Hazrat Ali was born on 15th September 601 CE and died on 26th January 661 CE.

4) He was born on the 13th Rajab, i.e. seventh month of the Islamic calendar.

5) Hazrat Ali was the first person who had accepted Islam and believed as first Muslim.

6) He fought many battles for the Muslim community and was highly respected.

7) Birthday of Hazrat Ali is celebrated with much honour and enthusiasm by the Muslims.

8) The shrine of Hazrat Ali located in Afghanistan is known as Mazar-i-Sharif.

9) Qawwalis could be heard from the mosque premises as well in the Muslim households.

10) Prayers are organised in the mosques and teachings of Ali and Quran are shared with people.

10 Lines on Hazrat Ali’s Birthday – Set 2

1) Hazrat Ali was the fourth caliph after Prophet Mohammad and also his son-in-law.

2) Hazrat Ali’s full name was ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib’ who was born on 15th September in 601 CE or 13th Rajab of Islamic calendar inside holy Kaaba, Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

3) He was the son of Abu Talib and Fatimah bint Assad and cousin of Prophet Mohammad.

4) Hazrat Ali will always be respected for his knowledge, courage, firm faith on Islam and his generosity towards his enemies also.

5) He fought many battles for the Muslim community and is respected as the pioneers who spread the teachings of Islam and unique message in whole world.

6) Hazrat Ali protected Mohammad from an early age and he was appointed as the fourth caliph in 656 CE after Uthman bin Affan’s assassination.

7) Hazrat Ali died on 21st Ramadan on 226th January 661 CE at the great mosque at Kufa, Iraq and later on buried at Imam Ali mosque at Najaf, Iraq.

8) The birthday of Hazrat Ali is celebrated by the Shia as well as Sunni denominations of Islam and houses and mosques are decorated with lights and flowers.

9) While the Sunni Muslims consider Hazrat Ali as the fourth and last caliph of Islam, Shia considers him as the first imam after Prophet Mohammad.

10) Since Hazrat Ali was born in Kaaba, several Shia Muslims celebrate the birthday of Hazrat Ali as the Father’s Day.

10 Lines on Hazrat Ali’s Birthday – Set 3

1) Ali ibn Talib is regarded as a notable personality in Islam.

2) The birth date of Ali ibn Talib is observed as Hazrat Ali’s birthday.

3) Ali-ibn- Talib was related to Prophet Muhammad as his son-in-law.

4) He was born in 599 AD in the holiest Islamic city Mecca.

5) His birthday falls on the 13th day of the Islamic month Rajab.

6) It is mainly celebrated by the Shia sect in Muslims.

7) Shia Muslims consider him as the appropriate heir of Prophet Muhammad.

8) Ali ibn Talib was considered the first Imam by the Sufi Muslims.

9) The day is also referred to as Imam Ali’s birthday.

10) It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy.

10 Lines on Hazrat Ali’s Birthday – Set 4

1) Hazrat Ali’s Birthday is the birth anniversary of Ali ibn Talib.

2) Ali ibn Talib is referred as the fourth caliph in Islam.

3) He regarded Prophet Muhammad as a messenger of God.

4) He was considered as the first caliph by the Shia sect and the fourth caliph by the Sunni sect of Muslims.

5) His birthday is celebrated by Muslim communities in the entire world.

6) Mosques and houses are beautifully decorated for the celebration.

7) People offer prayer in mosques and houses on this day.

8) A variety of delicious dishes are prepared and served.

9) Qawalies are sung in praise of Ali ibn Talib.

10) People memorize the contributions and teachings of Ali ibn Talib on this day.

Hazrat Ali is considered by the Muslims as their true representative who defined Islam and spread its teachings to the world. In a nutshell, Hazrat Ali lived only for Islam as well died for Islam. His generosity upon his enemies made him a great leader as well as a great caliph of Islam. On the occasion of Hazrat Ali’s birthday, people go to their nearby mosque to offer Namaz and seek the blessings of Hazrat Ali by remembering him by heart.

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