10 Lines on Google Plus

We have all heard the name of Google, which we generally use as a search engine. Google is well known for its advancement in technologies and the launch of different products according to the need of the people. One such product of Google was ‘Google Plus’ which was launched by Google in the year 2011. The public highly appreciated this idea of Google and used it but unfortunately Google Plus could not go long and it was completely closed in the year 2019. We have given complete information about how Google Plus started its journey and why it stopped. So let’s read them.

Ten Lines on Google Plus

Set 1

1) Google Plus (Google +) was a popular social networking platform owned by Google LLC.

2) Google Plus was launched by Google on 28th June 2011.

3) It provided the facility to upload photos, videos, update status, follow different communities and chat with people, etc.

4) The user needed to create an account on Google Plus to access all its features.

5) ‘Circle’ feature of Google Plus provided the user the ability to create a group of few people.

6) The account of the user on Google Plus could be used to access other Google services like Youtube and Gmail.

7) Google Plus was created using Java servlets and JavaScript.

8) Google Plus was banned in many countries like China and Iran.

9) Google announced Google Plus as a very successful social networking platform.

10) Google Plus was closed on 2nd April 2019 due to low user engagement and disclosed software design flaws.

You must have enjoyed the first set, therefore, we are providing the second set of 10 lines on Google Plus below. This set is as important as the first set was because the set is summarized with some additional information about Google Plus that can help you in creating an awesome project on the topic. Even having basic knowledge about Google Plus will make you put a good impression on others. So let’s have look at the set below.

Set 2

1) Google Plus is also represented as ‘Google+’ and ‘G+’.

2) Google Plus gained about 10 million users just within the two weeks of its launch.

3) Google Plus was mostly used in the United States followed by India at the second position.

4) Google Plus was the 4th effort of Google in the social networking field after Google Buzz, Friend Connect and Orkut.

5) The code name ‘Emerald Sea’ was used to develop Google Plus.

6) Even the founder of Facebook ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ joined Google Plus after its launch and was 2nd most followed person.

7) Google provided a ‘+1’ button to show your admiration for any photo, video or status.

8) Google Plus was the second largest social platform after Facebook in the 1st position.

9) Google Plus was widely used by Businessmen and Entrepreneurs to promote their brands.

10) Google Plus was the first platform to reach 25 million visitors in just one month.

So we can say that Google Plus was a commendable platform by Google but it could not go through the competition somehow in the market of social networking and failed. Although we all know that Google keeps introducing new products to the market whenever needed so we can say that this is not the end, maybe very soon we will get to see a new platform for us from Google.

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