10 Lines on Global Freshwater Crisis

Water is an essential part of our living. We can’t imagine our life without water. The Earth is called blue planet because 71% of Earth is covered with water. Out of which 97% water is salty that is not appropriate for drinking. Remaining 3% fresh water is available in which 2.5% are in the forms of glaciers or away from human reach. Due to several reasons, today Global freshwater crisis is a matter of concern.

Ten Lines on Global Freshwater Crisis in English

Here, I’m presenting ten simple lines on the topic Freshwater Crisis in very easy language. You can go through 10 Lines on Global Freshwater Crisis topic and understand its various aspects.

Set 1

1) The scarcity of drinking water in the world is termed as global freshwater crisis.

2) Water shortage first appeared in the history records in the 1800s.

3) Floods and droughts are the natural causes of fresh water scarcity.

4) Every year about 2.7 billion people face  freshwater crisis at least for one month.

5) Growing population and changing lifestyle are the major reasons for the global water crisis.

6) Indian states like Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, etc are estimated to face water crisis soon.

7) Deforestation and increasing water pollution could result in water scarcity.

8) Report study till 2014, depicts that the country more prone to water crisis is Qatar. However, India stood 13th in the list.

9) It is estimated that nearly one-quarter of the world population is facing water scarcity.

10) Water conservation, recycling wastewater, rain water harvesting, etc are solutions to the water crisis.

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Set 2

1) Freshwater scarcity is the condition when the availability of freshwater is unable to meet the public demand.

2) There are two types of water scarcity: physical and economic.

3) About 0.5% fresh water on Earth is available for human use (2.5% of freshwater include glaciers, icebergs, etc).

4) Up to 30 gallons of water is wasted everyday by an average person resulting in water shortage.

5) Groundwater, surface water and rainwater are the major sources of freshwater.

6) It is estimated that by 2040, the world will face a shortage of drinking water.

7) About 785 million people cannot access fresh water in the world.

8) Construction of wells, water lifting pumps, etc to access groundwater could help to manage water scarcity to some extent.

9) Global Freshwater Crisis will lead to massive increase in death rate.

10) Today, millions of people are affected by the water scarcity.

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Paragraphs on Global Freshwater Crisis

Mismanagement of water is a major reason for scarcity of fresh water. In India, we have much better water resources as compared to many other countries. However, India also has a good rainfall rate. Despite this, today India is facing water scarcity. Therefore, we need to take major steps to conserve pure water.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Question on Global Freshwater Crisis

Q.1 Which countries have the highest water consumption?

Ans. China, India, USA, UAE, etc are the countries with highest water consumption.

Q.2 Which countries are more prone to water crisis in future?

Ans. Countries like South Africa, Brazil, Jordan, UAE, etc. are some countries which are prone to water crisis in future.