10 Lines on Garbage Pollution

Garbage pollution can be said as spreading household garbage especially at those places which was not meant for doing it. It arises due to the mismanagement of the government and ignorance of the people. When garbage is not collected from the streets and grounds from a particular place to a common landfill for final disposal and treatment it gives rise to garbage pollution. The situation of garbage pollution becomes intense when plastic wastes are found in it which makes garbage very difficult for treatment.

Garbage pollution is a very difficult situation for all living beings because it gives birth to other kinds of pollution also such as soil pollution, water pollution, air pollution etc which make all organisms including human being sick and unhealthy.

Ten Lines on Garbage Pollution in English

We are providing ten lines on garbage pollution in English which will prove to be beneficial for you to understand the grave situation of garbage and pollution created by it. You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph writing in your exam and competition. These lines will help you to write a short essay on garbage pollution or a speech on garbage pollution.

This will also help you to answer your questions like what is garbage pollution, what are the causes of garbage pollution, what are the effects of garbage pollution, how garbage pollution can be reduced, what are the methods of preventing garbage pollution, what is the importance of recycling etc.

10 Lines on Garbage Pollution – Set 1

1) Garbage is the things which are of no more use to the people and thrown outside and the pollution caused by these garbage is called as garbage pollution.

2) Garbage pollution increases rapidly when the garbage is thrown regularly at one place without having any system of collecting and treating it.

3) Garbage pollution gives birth to soil pollution, water pollution and air pollution.

4) The garbage which lies at a dumping ground becomes the dwelling place of Bacteria, Virus and other microorganisms.

5) These bacteria, virus and other microorganisms in garbage cause many diseases which put our health at risk.

6) Living in a fresh, clean and beautiful place is the necessity of a healthy life so we must take some effective steps to reduce garbage pollution.

7) Garbage pollution is a highly rising environmental issue but it can be reduced through ‘Landfill’ in which bulk of wastes is buried inside waste land.

8) Another method to reduce garbage pollution is “Combustion” in which garbage is burned at high temperature so as to change them in gaseous form.

9) “Recycling” can also be a good way to reduce garbage pollution; it is a process of converting garbage into new products for reuse.

10) Everyone should be equally responsible to fight garbage pollution and should put garbage in the garbage bins without littering it.

We have provided another set of 10 lines on garbage pollution. After going through these points, you will know about how garbage pollution affects us and how to tackle it. You can add these lines in your speeches and presentations or in essay competition as well as seminars in your school:

10 Lines on Garbage Pollution – Set 2

1) Garbage is the unwanted or unused things which people throw outside which causes decomposition leading to garbage pollution.

2) If the garbage is not treated properly, it will make soil, air and water toxic for consumption.

3) According to a report, urban India generates more than 1-1.5 lakh tonnes of garbage every day.

4) It is expected that by 2025, India will become the producer of more than 3.5 lakh tonnes of garbage especially by the people of cities and towns.

5) Garbage pollution can be reduced by adopting “Composting” method in which garbage of the house is collected and processed to make it home made manure.

6) Manure made by composting not only helps in preventing rotting up of garbage but it is also good for agricultural fields.

7) “Vermiculture” is also a method to fight garbage pollution in which decomposition of garbage by earthworms and leaches takes place under controlled conditions.

8) Bio- gas which comes out through vermiculture is used as fuel for cooking food.

9) We can use garbage to get electricity for our households through waste and sewerage treatment plants.

10) In India, many roads are being constructed through plastic wastes which have proven cost effective method in fighting garbage pollution.

10 Lines on Garbage Pollution

We are providing below a 3rd Set of 10 lines on Garbage Pollution. These few points are effectively written based on facts. These special points are also written in simple and easy English to make them easily memorable. You can use these lines on several occasions including school/class competitions debates etc.

10 Lines on Garbage Pollution – Set 3

1) Garbage Pollution refers to the pollution caused by littering of civic waste.

2) Garbage Pollution is witnessed in and around the areas with human settlements.

3) Even tourist places with fluctuating population are affected by garbage pollution.

4) Lack of proper waste disposal mechanism is the main cause of garbage pollution.

5) Even if the garbage is collected but not disposed properly, it will cause garbage pollution.

6) Garbage pollution causes growth of bacteria which causes several diseases.

7) Mosquitoes and other insects breed and thrive in garbage and spread diseases like malaria.

8) Reducing the everyday waste generated in our houses will reduce garbage pollution.

9) Reusing the waste materials, wherever possible, will also help reduce the garbage pollution.

10) Making new useful things from waste material will also help reduce the garbage pollution.

Below we have provided 4th Set of 10 Lines on Garbage Pollution. These important points are effectively written in simple English to let you know easily and better about garbage pollution. You can easily remember these facts and reiterate them whenever required, on occasions like school competitions etc.

10 Lines on Garbage Pollution – Set 4

1) Garbage pollution occurs when waste from human settlement get littered around it.

2) Garbage pollution is a global concern and fast damaging the environmental health.

3) Garbage pollution causes the shrinkage of natural habitat of many living species.

4) It also threatens the life of animals which forage the garbage in search of food.

5) Non biodegradable garbage components are the main threat to the environment.

6) Segregation of garbage and its proper disposal is important to reduce garbage pollution.

7) Special care must be taken while disposing of toxic wastes like batteries, bulbs and needles.

8) Garbage pollution is also harmful to the marine life and sea birds.

9) Marine animals and sea birds have reported to have accidently ingested plastic for food.

10) Turtles have been reported to get trapped in garbage containing ropes or plastic, and die.

Garbage pollution is getting bigger day by day and if it is not controlled now it could create bigger problems in future. Garbage if used properly and judiciously can become beneficial for the society in the form of manure, electricity and roads for the people. It is also the responsibility of the people to put garbage at designated places from where it could be easily taken for the treatment plants and landfill sites.