10 Lines on Effects of Global Warming

Global warming refers to a rise in earth’s average temperature. The average temperature of earth is rising gradually, mainly due to human activities like industrialization, deforestation and environmental pollution. Arise in earth’s temperature leads to number environmental changes such as climate changes, storms, droughts apart from raising sea level and depleting land and marine life.

Ten Lines on Effects of Global Warming in English

Below are the 10 Lines on Effects of Global Warming in simple and easy words which explains the consequences of global warming in a very concise but informative manner.

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10 Lines on Effects of Global Warming - Set 1

1) Global warming has a vast effect on eco system.

2) Incessant heating of earth’s surface temperature.

3) Causes wildfire and loss of green cover.

4) Rise in oceanic water level due to melting of glaciers and ice caps.

5) Results in extreme climatic conditions.

6) Results in droughts and heat waves.

7) Causes depletion of natural water resources.

8) Causes depleted food supply due to decreased productive yield.

9) Causes oceanic acidification resulting in loss of marine life.

10) Causes large scale migration of species in search of better opportunities.

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10 Lines on Effects of Global Warming - Set 2

1) Global warming is primarily the cause of climate change.

2) Climate change cause unpredictable weather conditions across the globe.

3) Intense heat waves, spine chilling winters, floods, droughts etc. are few effects of global warming.

4) The melting of polar ice caps due to global warming is causing the rise in the sea level affecting the island countries.

5) The warming of oceans due to global warming is causing coral bleaching and affecting ocean ecosystem.

6) It is causing ocean acidification which is responsible for extinction of marine species.

7) Changes ocean current which affects global wind pattern and rainfall.

8) Global warming causes depletion of oxygen in the ocean, suffocating marine animals.

9) Many animals perish due to inability to adapt to the changing temperature.

10) Unpredictable rainfall and extended seasons cause huge agricultural losses.

Effects of global warming are getting more intense with each passing decade due to the lack of preventive measures taken. If we do not act promptly towards reducing global warming then the day is not far away when earth’s temperature will rise to levels much higher to be able to sustain life.