10 Lines on Childhood

Although a man goes through many stages in his life, childhood is considered to be the most golden moment of it. Thinking, listening, and reading about it is also very enjoyable. For your information, we have created some sets of 10 points on Childhood. You can read them and remember your childhood to relax your mind.

Ten Lines on Childhood

Set – 1

1) Childhood is the most golden moment of human life.

2) A person belonging to the age of 3 to 18 years is called a child (infancy: 2 years, early childhood: 3 to 8 years, middle childhood: 9 to 11 years and adolescence: 12 to 18 years).

3) One in one’s childhood is freed from all the worries and problems.

4) Everyone’s childhood is devoid of selfishness and greed.

5) Childhood suffers from neither superiority nor inferiority complex.

6) Childhood is characterized by the overwhelming love of parents.

7) This is a time to learn good things and distinguish right from wrong.

8) Childhood mischief is remembered by people all their life.

9) There is a lack of understanding of childhood.

10) In childhood, we work according to our desire, not society.

Set – 2

1) Parental education has an impact on childhood before school education.

2) This is the phase of life in which we have a lot to learn.

3) The identity of childhood is sports and lots of mischief.

4) Friends, often made in childhood, spend their entire lives together.

5) Money and worldly greed have no effect on childhood.

6) In childhood, a person needs his family the most.

7) Stubbornness has a profound effect on childhood.

8) Making mistakes in childhood and learning from them is the most useful thing in life ahead.

9) Good lessons given in childhood make us a good person in the future.

10) It is more beneficial to correct than to scold on childhood mistakes.

We all know that children do not have a sense of right and wrong so we should encourage them in every situation and support them in improving their talents. It is our guidance that they seek and that can help them in succeeding in their lives.