10 Lines on Child is Father of Man

The phrase ‘child is the father of man’ tells us that actual nature and behaviour of a person doesn’t change with the passing age or time. In fact, the childhood of a person describes a person’s future and his personality.

This phrase explains that the behaviours and activities of a person in his childhood go a long way to build his personality. This phrase was coined by renowned poet William Wordsworth in his poem ‘My heart leaps up’ in the year 1802.

It is very important that the children must receive good manners and etiquettes through their parents and teachers in order to become a nobleman in future.

Ten Lines on Child is Father of the Man in English

We have provided ten lines on child is the father of man in English. After reading these lines you will know that who wrote the phrase child is the father of man, in which poem and in which year this phrase appeared, what does the phrase child is the father of man means, which age range is very crucial for child’s development, what is the importance of good qualities etc.

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10 Lines on Child is Father of the Man – 1

1) Child is father of the man is a part of a poem written by “William Wordsworth”.

2) This phrase first appeared in Wordsworth poem “My heart leaps up” in 1802.

3) This phrase shows that behaviour of a person in his childhood reflects in his personality.

4) It also says that childhood is an important stage in a person’s development.

5) The first seven years of the life of a person is a period of shaping his personality.

6) Attaining the age of 7 years, the personality and character of a person is framed.

7) After attaining 7 years of age a person shows what kind of man he is going to be.

8) When a child will have good qualities then only he will become a gentleman in his life.

9) The learnings and teachings of childhood will remain forever in the life of a man.

10) It s the responsibility of the parents to shape the personality of their child so that he becomes a responsible individual and a better human being.

We have provided another set of ten lines on child is the father of man. After going through these lines, you will know that how a child is father of the man, where was the proverb mentioned, with which thing this proverb is compared, how the behaviour and qualities of a child reflects in his future, whom a child considers his role model, which person has the duty to impart right teachings to a child etc.

10 Lines on Child is Father of the Man – 2

1) Child is father of the man is a proverb which was coined by the renowned poet William Wordsworth in his poem ‘My heart leaps up’.

2) Wordsworth said that when he was a child, he enjoyed watching rainbows and he still felt the same happiness when he was grown.

3) As what morning tells about the day, the childhood of an adult tells about his behaviour and character as a grown person.

4) Wordsworth further tells that becoming a good or bad person depends on the learnings of the childhood.

5) The things which a child learns in his childhood determine his future mindset and personality.

6) Role of parents and teachers during childhood becomes important in shaping and building the personality of a person.

7) At home, children look their parents and try to copy them, it is necessary for parents to set good examples for their children.

8) Every parent should ensure that their child is having a good company as this will have a greater impact on his character as a person.

9) A person is not only responsible for his own behaviour and conduct but his qualities also reflect the society.

10) A child is a blank paper, the type of image you will draw on his blank mind will remain forever in his life.

Child is the reflection of a grown man, this is what the phrase ‘child is father of the man’ tells us. Written by William Wordsworth in a poem this phrase has a deep meaning because what children see, observe and learn from their surroundings, they keep them in their subconscious mind and their personality takes the shape according to those things which they have learnt. William Wordsworth has aptly described the importance of parents and teachers in shaping the character and personality of a child.