10 Lines on Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was a multi-talented person and a man of wits. Reading about him is very important as he is an inspiration for many people. We have created some sets of 10 lines below on Benjamin Franklin. You should read all of them as they are quite informative and inspirational.

Ten Lines on Benjamin Franklin

Set – 1

1) Benjamin Franklin was a popular political personality of the United States.

2) He had born on 17 January 1706 at Boston in Massachusetts Bay, British America.

3) He completed his schooling up to 10th from the Boston Latin School.

4) He was good at reading and literary works since his childhood.

5) The initial letters of Benjamin Franklin were published with the name Mrs Silence Dogood.

6) On 1 September 1730, he married Deborah Read.

7) He was the 6th President of Pennsylvania from 18 October 1785 to 5 November 1788.

8) He also worked as the United States Postmaster General from 26 July 1775 to 7 November 1776.

9) He has also done many scientific research and inventions in the field of physics of astronomy.

10) He died on 17 April 1790 due to a pleuritic attack.

Set – 2

1) Benjamin Franklin is known as the founding father of the United States.

2) He worked as the Speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly for five-month starting from May 1764.

3) Apart from a political personality, he was also a writer, inventor, scientist, and diplomat.

4) He became famous at the age of just 23 by editing the newspaper ‘Pennsylvania Gazette’.

5) He was the first Post Master General of the United States.

6) Most of the writings were published under a pseudonym, mostly the earlier ones.

7) He had discovered the ‘Principle of Conservation of Charge’ in the year 1747.

8) He was fond of music and is known for composing many of them.

9) From start to 1847, the U.S. Post Office issued several stamps featuring him.

10) Many educational institutions, parks, monuments, and awards are named after Benjamin Franklin in his honour.

Benjamin Franklin played a pivotal role in building up a united American identity during the American Revolution. He discovered lightning is a form of electricity that can be produced and used safely. He also led an important role in world politics and played many roles in the American and French governments.

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