10 Lines on Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was an American Renaissance man and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Franklin was a leading author, scientist, inventor, statesman, and diplomat. As a scientist, he is a well known in physics for his discoveries and theories regarding electricity. He is the scientist who invented electricity and told that it can be generated and used in a controlled way. As an inventor, he is known for the lightning rod, bifocal, and the Franklin stove.

Franklin was also a successful newspaper editor in Philadelphia, and published the Pennsylvania Gazette merely at the age of 23. He was associated with the Pennsylvania Chronicle, a newspaper that was known for its revolutionary articles of British policies.

Benjamin Franklin was born 17 January 1706, into a large and poor family. His father had 17 children by two different wives. Benjamin was brought up in the family business of candle making and his brother’s printing shop. In his leisure he read many books on different subjects and became an inventor.

Ten Lines on Benjamin Franklin in English

In the following ten lines we are going to provide some important facts about an inventor, author, and diplomat Benjamin Franklin. Through these points you will able to know about his work and achievements. Readers will get excited with few facts will try to know more about the incident when he assured the world that lightning is not a curse of God. Students will get the material in very easy way and they may write using these special lines about him.

10 Lines on Benjamin Franklin – Set 1

1) Benjamin Franklin was one of the most influential Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

2) He is sometimes referred to as the "First American".

3) Franklin had proved his talent in many areas including science, politics, writing, music, invention, and diplomacy.

4) Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts on 17thJanuary, 1706.

5) At the age of 10, he was forced to leave school in order to work with his brother in printing press.

6) Franklin left his home at a tender age and spent the next several years working at various jobs in London and Philadelphia.

7) In 1729, Franklin became the publisher of a newspaper called the ‘Pennsylvania Gazette’.   

8) He performed many experiments to prove that lightning is in fact electricity.

9) In 1783, he helped to negotiate an end to the Revolutionary War with the Treaty of Paris.

10) Franklin was died in Philadelphia on April 17, 1790.

The new set of ten lines will provide few unknown facts in the life of Benjamin Franklin. Readers will find these points very important. They will get aware about his political career as well as his contribution in the field of science. School going students may use these lines in their stipulated tasks and add these points in their writing to make it more fascinating.

10 Lines on Benjamin Franklin – Set 2

1) Franklin is the first and the last person who signed all the essential documents that led to the establishment of the United States.

2) Benjamin was self-educated and received only two years of formal schooling at the Boston Latin School and after that at George Brownell’s English School.

3) He married with Deborah Read and had two children, Sarah and Francis.

4) During a thunderstorm he attached a metal rod to the top of a kite and an iron key to the bottom with a conducting wire and felt the tremor and invented electricity.

5) Franklin invented bifocal eye-glasses by taking the lenses from his reading glasses and his distance glasses, and mount them into frames.

6) Franklin presumed the first odometer, which measured distance traveled by vehicles based on the number of rotations of the wheels.

7) Benjamin Franklin is only one of two American non-Presidents to appear on paper currency of the United States.

8) In 1787 Franklin designed the first official United States coin known as the Fugio cent.

9) He was a moderate theist and admired Jesus as the greatest moral teacher in history but expressed suspicions about his divinity.

10) Franklin did not support the adoption of the eagle as the national symbol of America, believing that it was a bird of bad moral character; he wanted a Turkey in place of Eagle.

The 3rd set of 10 lines on Benjamin Franklin is provided below for user. The set is created with some facts other than those in the first and second set. We have created the whole set in very easy language so that the reader can easily read and understand all the points. The information in the set will help the reader in creating any project on Benjamin Franklin. So here we go.

10 Lines on Benjamin Franklin – Set 3

1) Benjamin Franklin loved swimming and for him it was a part of mind refreshment activities.

2) Franklin was a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame during 18th century.

3) His son William became the royal governor of New Jersey in 1763.

4) During 1778 in Paris, Franklin was admired as the fashion trend among the men.

5) He became the president of a Pennsylvania abolitionist society in 1787.

6) The first invention of Franklin was ‘Franklin Stove’ in 1741.

7) ‘Bifocals’ is one of the very important inventions of Benjamin Franklin.

8) Some other inventions of Franklin are Rocking chair, Flexible catheter and American penny.

9) He was honoured with degree by the Harvard, Yale, University of Oxford and the University of St. Andrews.

10) The University of Pennsylvania was established on the basis of his pamphlet in 1749.

The 4th set of 10 lines on Benjamin Franklin is not a bad idea. The set is useful for the students of class 3rd and upper classes up to class 12th students. Some additional information on Benjamin Franklin other than those in the above sets will help you in understanding his life journey and achievements more precisely. So here we go.

10 Lines on Benjamin Franklin – Set 4

1) Benjamin Franklin was well known as an inventor, a publisher, a scientist and a diplomat.

2) He researched in the field of electricity, mathematics and map making.

3) ‘Franklin Stove’, an invention of Franklin, was famous for producing more heat in less fuel.

4) Franklin was the Second Continental Congress and the first postmaster general for the colonies in 1775.

5) In 1776, he was elected the commissioner of France.

6) Franklin died of some disease, as reported.

7) When Franklin was only 22, he wrote his own epitaph.

8) Franklin was skilled in Chess and thus was the hall of fame of United States in 1999.

9) He was good at 5 languages English, French, Latin, Italian and Spanish.

10) $100 bill of United States contains an image of Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin often referred to as ‘America’s Renaissance Man’ and he played a pivotal role in building up a united American identity during the American Revolution. He discovered by experiments that lightning is a form of electricity which can be produced and used safely. He also led an important role in the world politics and played many roles in the American and French governments.