10 Lines on Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle

The fighters who fought for the country’s freedom and remain unknown are considered unsung heroes.

Who is considered a hero? Is he looks different from us? From where do they come from? We all know that the heroes are the people among us. They are considered heroes due to their qualities. They show a different level of courage, energy, valor, etc that differentiate them from others. Their selfless contribution to the country makes them the real heroes of the world. Today we will discuss the unsung heroes of the freedom struggle.

Ten Lines on Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle in the form of sets. This is an important topic for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. However, other people can also seek information about this topic through these points.

Set 1

1) The freedom fighters whose names were faded in the darkness are referred to as the unsung heroes of the freedom struggle.

2) They are the people who sacrificed their lives but receive little or no recognition.

3) Unsung heroes mean, the heroes that are not praised for their work.

4) We need to honor them for their huge contribution and sacrifice.

5) India successfully achieved independence because of the sacrifice of various freedom fighters.

6) Mahatma Gandhi, Laxmi Bai, Bhagat Singh, etc are some famous freedom fighters.

7) There are many freedom fighters that are away from the limelight.

8) Some unsung heroes of the freedom struggle are Matangini Hazra, Tara Rani, Peer Ali Khan, Aruna Asaf Ali, etc.

9) They have shown extraordinary work toward the nation being without any credit for their action.

10) On the occasion of Independence Day, all the freedom struggle heroes are commemorated.

Set 2

1) Freedom fighters helped India to be free from British rule.

2) Now it’s high time when we need to pay tribute to all the unsung heroes.

3) ‘Unsung Hero Award’ is given to the person whose contribution makes a difference by remaining in the background.

4) Matangini Hazrawas part of the Quit India Movement who shouted Vande Mataram till her last breath.

5) Khudiram Bose was the youngest freedom fighter who was sentenced to death at the early age of 18 for opposing British rule.

6) Birsa Munda was an Indian revolutionary who belonged to the Munda tribe. He also led the Munda rebellion in Ranchi during 1899-1990.

7) Peer Ali Khan helped other freedom fighters by secretly transferring pamphlets and coded messages.

8) Kushal Kanwar was hanged during the Quit India Movement in its last phase.

9) Tara Rani along with her husband participated equally and supported Mahatma Gandhi in the Quit India Movement.

10) Garimella Satyanarayana influenced many people in Andhra through his influential poems and writings to join the mission against the British.


Today we are enjoying freedom because of the hard work and sacrifices of many great personalities. At that time, the main aim of every freedom fighter was to free India from colonial rule. They supported each other both directly and indirectly. They did not bother about the credits or importance given to them. But it is our duty to remember their contribution.

I hope the above given ten lines on Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle would be useful for you to know the details of these great people.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle

Q.1 Where does the word Unsung Hero come from?

Ans.The Unsung Hero word alludes to the celebration of heroes of Troy and Greece from the long epic poem of Homer and Virgil.

Q.2 What are the characteristics of a hero?

Ans. Courage, honesty, helpful, brave, etc are some characteristics of a hero.