10 Lines on Unhealthy Food

The food item which has less or no nutritional value is called Unhealthy Food or Junk Food. Chips, candies, pizza, noodles, burgers, and packed food are known as junk food. In modern lifestyle people especially children and youth love to eat junk food. Because of their taste, look, and easy availability junk food has become popular among the people. But, packaged food or fast food as they are popularly called, are very harmful to health.

Ten Lines on Unhealthy Food

Set 1

1) All kinds of cold drinks are made up of chemicals and are classified as junk food. Excessive use may lead to type-2 diabetes.

2) Processed food contains an excessive amount of fat and nitrates that will be a reason for diabetes. It also causes cancer and heart diseases.

3) Chocolates are choice for all but having a large amount of sugar it also leads to diabetes and tooth cavity if consumed regularly.

4) Rotten fruits or the fruits kept in unhygienic conditions, and packed fruit juices are harmful to the health. Hence use fresh fruits and fruit juice.

5) French fries and fried food have a lot of fat in it, which leads to obesity which is the mother of many diseases.

6) Sweet food grains are enriched in carbohydrates and lack of fibers, that’s why they are difficult to digest. Hence we should not give its much amount to growing children.

7) Don’t give much cheese to small kids because it may create a lack of other nutrients in their body. Using it in the usual amount is beneficial since it contains calcium and protein.

8) Junk food induces addiction and people who regularly eat them, make efforts to avoid homemade food.

9) Any kind of uncovered or stale food is harmful to health since it is likely to contain harmful bacteria.

10) Contaminated water is a vector of many kinds of ailments. Due to excessive amounts of mineral or bacteria, it creates a danger for life.

Here we are giving ten simple lines on unhealthy food. Which food is not fit for our body and why? How can we save our life avoiding them? How can we identify them?

Set 2

1) Some foods are adversary to nature and season. Taking such kinds of food in the opposite season may leave its harmful effect on life.

2) All kinds of packaged foods are unhealthy since different kinds of preservatives are added to keep them for a long time.

3) The food containing a high quantity of salt, sulfur, and nitrates leaves a harmful effect on our health.

4) Food items kept in poor hygienic conditions are not fit to consume as the harmful bacteria develop in it.

5) Stale food, food kept in open and served in a clumsy way, makes us unhealthy in the short or long course of time.

6) Fruit in which chemicals are used for ripening is not fit to eat. Since chemicals leave an adverse effect on the body.

7) Junk food like pastries, packed chips, pizza, burgers, noodles, etc. make the people dependant on them.

8) One should remain aware of and avoid eating unhealthy junk food.

9) Food prepared clumsily in poor hygienic conditions by dirty hands is also named unhealthy.

10) Contaminated water, which is essential for life, is very harmful to the health of every age group.

These important points given above will prove beneficial for life. We should prefer to avoid them as early as possible. We should keep ourselves healthy by taking natural homemade food and using filtered water.