10 Lines on Unhealthy Food

In our daily life, we consume a variety of foods from early morning till late at night. While consuming them, we don’t think for a while if they are healthy for us or not. We have created some sets of 10 lines on Unhealthy Food below. You can read them to know the effect of unhealthy food.

Ten Lines on Unhealthy Food

Set – 1

1) The food that can make us unhealthy and lazy is called unhealthy food.

2) These foods don’t contain all the necessary elements for our body.

3) The absence of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, and other important elements.

4) Some examples of unhealthy food are burger, pizza, soft drinks, and Chinese foods.

5) Unhealthy food contains high calorie and saturated fat harmful to our health.

6) Most of the unhealthy foods taste good.

7) They may store an unnecessary amount of fat in our body.

8) This food may create physical and also mental disorders.

9) The main cause of increasing obesity is the consumption of unhealthy food.

10) Unhealthy foods have got their consumer worldwide.

Set – 2

1) Unhealthy Foods are also called Junk Foods.

2) Most of the fast foods fall into this category.

3) They negatively affect our body and immune system.

4) Chocolates and alcohol are not unhealthy foods until taken in excess amounts.

5) Healthy foods, if stored for a long time, become unhealthy.

6) Fruits and vegetables packed in plastic become unhealthy.

7) Unhealthy food primarily affects our lung and respiratory system.

8) These foods don’t digest easily.

9) All fried foods are an example of unhealthy food.

10) Rotten fruits and vegetables become unhealthy and may damage our eyes and skin.

Set – 3

1) Food that is not beneficial for our health is termed Unhealthy food.

2) Junk food is categorized as unhealthy food.

3) All oily and spicy food, soft drinks, pizza, burgers, chips, etc. are called Junk food.

4) They have very high calories and are loaded with excessive sugar and fat.

5) Junk food tastes good therefore people and children love eating it.

6) Unhealthy food is lacking the essential nutrients required by the body.

7) The consumption of unhealthy food results in various health-related issues.

8) The habit of eating junk food regularly leads to obesity.

9) The people consuming fruits and vegetables are healthier than those surviving on junk food.

10) We must try to be away from eating unhealthy or junk food.

Set – 4

1) Unhealthy food is a category of food that makes us more prone to health problems.

2) It requires very little time to be prepared.

3) Unhealthy food does not promote the growth and development of the body.

4) People nowadays are more attracted to eating junk foods.

5) Children love eating burgers, pizza, maggi, etc. instead of eating a proper meal.

6) Eating fast food occasionally is good but not regularly.

7) We must do regular workouts to burn the calorie intake by junk food.

8) Processing methods to prepare junk food make it deficient in nutrients.

9) We must focus on getting essential nutrition rather than good taste.

10) Awareness programs are being conducted regularly to keep people away from eating unhealthy food.

Unhealthy Foods are good in taste but bad for our health. They damage us from all aspects. Consuming them is pleasing, but their consequences may destroy our future. So when you are going to eat something, think about whether it is healthy or unhealthy.

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