10 lines on Tanaji Malusare

Tanaji Malusare was a Marathi warrior, famous for the battle of Sinhagad.India is blessed with thousands of warriors, who happily sacrifice their life for the country. Some of them are famous worldwide whereas the sacrifices of some warriors are hidden somewhere. There are many such peoples for whom their country and duty were more important than their family. Today, we will discuss one of such warriors who is familiar to many people of Maharashtra. Let’s have a look at Tanaji, an unsung warrior.

Ten Lines on Tanaji Malusare in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on Tanaji Malusare in the form of sets. This topic is useful for all the students to know the important aspects and contributions of the great Maratha warrior.

Set 1

1) In the year 1600 AD, Tanaji was born in the village of Godavli, Javali Taluka Satara, Maharastra.

2) He was born in the house of Sardar Kaloji and Parvatibai.

3) Tanaji was a brave, fearless, and heroic Maratha icon.

4) He was a close friend of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

5) Due to his great strength, Shivaji referred to him as ‘Lion’.

6) He was Subedar (Maratha general) of Shivaji Maharaj.

7) He fought several battles with Shivaji.

8) The battle of Sinhagad was his last battle where he fought till his last breath.

9) In his honor, the Kondhana fort was renamed as Sinhagad fort by Shivaji.

10) Tanaji died in 1670 AD in the month of February due to being severely injured in the battle.

Set 2

1) Tanaji hailed from a Hindu Koli family.

2) He left the wedding occasion of his son to acquire the Kondhana fort.

3) Tanaji took the help of a monitor lizard to climb the Kondhana fort.

4) He was married to Savitri Malusare.

5) To fulfill Shivaji’s wish to conquer the fort, Tanaji along with 300 warriors attacked the Kondhana fort.

6) Tanaji bravely fought from Udaybhan Rathore, the Mughal leader guarding the fort.

7) Tanaji along with 1000 troops attacked the Kondhana fort.

8) Due to the bravery of Tanaji, the Kondhana fort was captured successfully by the Marathas.

9) Tulsidas also composed a poem “Powada” to depict the bravery of Tanaji.

10) Wakadewadi, a city in Pune is renamed as ‘Narbir Tanaji Wadi’ to honor him.


Tanaji is among the various unsung heroes whose contribution is not popularly known by many people of the country. In order to honor this great hero and warrior, we can find many statues of Tanaji in Maharashtra. A movie named “Tanaji” is recently released showing the life and battle of Tanaji. However, we can find many books written on Tanaji.

I hope the above given ten points on Tanaji Malusare would be helpful for you to know the various aspects of his life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Tanaji Malusare

Q.1 What was the name of the monitor lizard used by Tanaji?

Ans. Yashwanti was the name of the monitor lizard, the pet of Shivaji, and helped Tanaji to climb the Fort.

Q.2 What were the words of Shivaji for Tanaji?

Ans. Shivaji showed his grief by saying “Gad aala pan sinh gela” (The fort is won but the lion is dead).