10 Lines on Son River

Son River is a multi-state river that flows through Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand. It originates from Amarkantak region of Madhya Pradesh and flows up to Bihar and gets merged into Ganga. The famous cities like Dehri on Sone and Sonbhadra are situated on the banks of Son River and the Kabra Khurd which is a very beautiful place and a popular picnic spot is also located on the river’s bank.

The flow of Son River is seasonal that’s why it is unsuitable for navigation. The Son River basin is sparsely populated and it is high in terms of jungles and forests providing home to various flora and fauna on its bank.

Ten Lines on Son River in English

10 Lines on Son River – Set 1

1) Son River is one of the big rivers which originates in central India in Madhya Pradesh.

2) Son River after its origin flows through Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand states.

3) Son River is the second largest tributary in the south of Ganga after Yamuna River.

4) Son River originates from Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh under Maikala hills range.

5) After originating, it flows north-west to the other parts of Madhya Pradesh.

6) Son River takes eastward turn where it enters southwest-northwest of Kaimur range.

7) After flowing, Son River merges with Ganga River at about 16 km upstream of Patna.

8) The length of Son River is 784 km and total coverage area of Son River is 70,055 sq. km.

9) Geologically, the lower part or valley of Son River is an extension of the Narmada valley.

10) In Bihar, Son River makes a borderline between the Bhojpuri and Magahi speaking zones.

10 Lines on Son River – Set 2

1) Son River is a river that emerges from central India.

2) It is regarded as one of the longest rivers in India.

3) Son River is stated as the southern second largest tributary of Ganga.

4) Amarkantak hill in Madhya Pradesh is the originating point of the Son River.

5) It traces its course through Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Bihar states of India.

6) Son River is 784 km in length.

7) Rihand, Kanhar, and North Koel are the main tributaries of the Son River.

8) Sonbhadra, Bhita, Deori, Daudnagar, Rohtasgarh districts of India lie on the bank of the Son River.

9) Son River meets river Ganga in Patna district of Bihar state.

10) This river finally empties in the Bay of Bengal after meeting with Ganga.

10 Lines on Son River – Set 3

1) Son River is an important river of Madhya Pradesh.

2) Sonbhadra, Golden river, Sohan are the other popular names of the Son river.

3) It is the third-largest river in Madhya Pradesh after Narmada and Chambal.

4) Son River is laden with water during the rainy season but turns into a shallow stream after the season ends.

5) The valley formed by the Son River is an extension of Narmada Valley.

6) This river becomes the border between Bhojpuri and Magahi speaking regions in Bihar.

7) Dehri Dam, Indrapuri Dam, and Bansagar Dam are built on the Son River.

8) Sonmuda, Jwaleshawar shiv temple, Kabra Khurd are beautiful places built on the river bank.

9) These places are good picnic spots and add beauty to the river.

10) The river water is utilized for enormous power production by the construction of dams.

10 Lines on Son River

10 Lines on Son River – Set 4

1) Son River is a perennial river which originates from central India and flows into the states of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand.

2) The river originates near Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh which is located in the east of Narmada River and then flows north-west to Madhya Pradesh.

3) After starting its flow from Madhya Pradesh, it flows to the north in Manpur area and then it turns north-east before entering Bihar.

4) After entering Bihar, Son River encounters to the southwest-northeast of Kaimur range and then it joins Ganga River in Patna after travelling 784 km course.

5) The coverage area system of Son River is surrounded by the Vindhyachal range in north, Pun Pun River and Chhota Nagpur plateau in the east.

6) From the southern side, Son River is surrounded by the Baghelkhand plateau and Mahadeva hills and forests of Maikal and Bhamver range from western side.

7) Dehri on Sone and Sonbhadra are the major cities which are situated near Son River.

8) The chief tributaries of Son River are Rihand River which originates from Sarguja district of Chhattisgarh and North Koel River from Ranchi district of Jharkhand.

9) First dam on Son River was built in 1873-74 at Dehri; other projects are Indrapuri Barrage in Bihar and Bansagar Dam in MP.

10) Famous bridges which are built on Son River are Abdul Bari Bridge near Arrah and Nehru Setu at Dehri.

The lower valley of Son River is an extension of Narmada valley. The 1440 metre rail-road Abdul Bari Bridge is built on Son River near Arrah, Bihar. The Nehru Bridge is also built on Son River at Dehri, Bihar. Some bridges are also built on the side of Madhya Pradesh near Deolond in Shahdol district. Indrapuri Barrage is built on Rohtas district of Bihar and Bansagar dam in the portion of Madhya Pradesh. There are many more bridges that are planned on the Son River.

10 Lines on Son River

1) It originates from Madhya Pradesh.

2) It is the Ganga’s second biggest tributary.

3) It flows through three states of India.

4) Its length is 784 km.

5) After joining Ganga, it drains into the Bay of Bengal.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Son River

Q.1 What is the economic importance of the Son River?

Ans. The Son River is an important source of irrigation and fishing, and also provides water for domestic and industrial use.

Q.2 What is the major source of water for the Son River?

Ans. The major source of water for the Son River is the monsoon rains.

Q.3 What are the major cities and towns located along the banks of the Son River?

Ans. Major cities and towns located along the banks of the Son River are Varanasi, Mirzapur, Allahabad, Jabalpur, Singrauli, Rewa, Chhapra, Hajipur and Dehri-on-Sone.

Q.4 How many states does the Son River flow through?

Ans. The Son River flows through three Indian states – Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Q.5 What is famous about Son river?

Ans. Sand from the Son River is well-known throughout the nation.

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