10 Lines on Small Family

We often hear that ‘a small family is a happy family’. Not only India but the entire world is working on the concept of a small family to regulate it in society. There are many things to know about a small family that you can have by visiting through the sets of 10 lines on Small Family below. You should check them to know more about it.

Ten Lines on Small Family

Set – 1

1) A small family usually consists of grandparents, parents, and one or two children.

2) The small family is also referred to as a ‘Nuclear Family’ sometimes.

3) The senior-most member of a small family is the head of that family.

4) Small families are mainly found in urban areas.

5) This type of family requires less cost for household management.

6) Due to a comparatively low number of members, the head of the family can easily think for each member.

7) Children in a small family very rarely face a lack of nutrition and better care.

8) In a small family, parents can efficiently focus on the growth of each child.

9) A small family seldom faces the issue of a dispute concerning some important matter.

10) A small family may not be best but better than a large family in many ways.

Set – 2

1) There are around four to six people in a small family.

2) A small family is better than a large family through many perspectives.

3) Children in such types of families receive more attention from their elders.

4) The small family can efficiently avoid the situation of a lack of resources.

5) There exists a frequent communication among the members of a small family.

6) There is a very low expectancy of gender inequality in a small family.

7) The children in a small family are more likely to share their thoughts and experiences with their elders and parents.

8) A small family can easily have unity and integrity.

9) In a small family, everyone is concerned about the other’s happiness and sorrow.

10) A mother in a small family has less pressure of work, and a father has less pressure of budget.

A small family is preferable in many cases but we can’t say that it is the best system. There are many advantages that a large family has but not a small family, though it is preferred for the economy. Even the government works on motivating small family system. There are different experiences in a small family and a large family. So the rest depends on you which you find better.