10 Lines on New Year

The beginning of the New Year gives a glimpse of the past memories of the old year. It is the time meant for rejoicing and enjoyment for a fresh starting. People are eagerly waiting on 31st December for the arrival of the New Year. This is an auspicious moment and is celebrated with great pomp and show in the whole world.

The New Year for the first time was celebrated in Mesopotamia in 2000 B.C. I have provided ten lines on New Year that will be an easy and convenient way to grasp the information. It might be an aid to the students and readers.

Ten Lines on Happy New Year

Set – 1

1) The ending of the old year with a new beginning year is called the New Year.

2) New Year is celebrated on 1st January which is the starting day of the year according to Gregorian and Julian calendars.

3) 1st January is stated as the national holiday in most of the countries of the world.

4) 1st March was stated as New Year in the earlier used Roman calendar and it had 10 months only.

5) People begin the day by visiting the places of worship to attain blessings from almighty God.

6) The New Year is celebrated with great joy and happiness all around the world.

7) It is time for taking new resolutions and oaths.

8) The people promise not to repeat the mistakes done in the past year and continue with fresh starting.

9) It is believed that things done on the first day will be carried all along the year therefore we try to do good things.

10) The New Year is sighted with luck, success, and prosperity in the future.

Set – 2

1) January marks the beginning of a New Year after the ending of the previous year.

2) The sky is lighted with beautiful fireworks and merriment starts after the clock strikes 12:00 on 31st December night.

3) People exchange New Year messages and gifts among friends, family, and relatives.

4) Everybody has a lot of hopes and dreams to be fulfilled in the upcoming year.

5) The New Year is celebrated as a festival with great enthusiasm and zeal in the whole world.

6) People love to start the day from the places of worship and participate in Satsang, Havan, and feeding the poor on this day.

7) People organize parties and cut cakes and enjoy dancing at this event.

8) Students take resolutions to leave bad habits behind and embrace good ones in the New Year.

9) The places like malls, restaurants, hotels, and tourist spots are mostly crowded on this day.

10) The New Year enriches us with new hope, happiness, and positivity in the future.

We make new promises and resolutions for doing better in the upcoming year. The New Year is the best moment to move ahead but learn from our mistakes in the past. It gives us energy for a fresh start in our life. Years pass by but leave behind a set of experiences. The New Year is again there that begins after the passing of 31 December and is celebrated happily by everyone.