10 Lines on Dharampal Gulati

A financial crisis cannot become a hindrance if the motive is strong and promising. There are many people in our country who have attained a lot of name and fame even after facing several challenges. They have earned a name for themselves as well as making the country proud by their contributions. Dharampal Gulati has been one of them.

I am providing here two sets of ten lines on the famous entrepreneur Dharampal Gulati. I hope it might be helpful to the students in different ways.

Ten Lines on the Life of Dharampal Gulati

Set – 1

1) Dharampal Gulati was popularly and respectfully called Mahashay Dharampal Gulati.

2) The founder and CEO of MDH, Dharampal Gulati was born on 27th of March 1923 and died on 3 December 2020 at an age of 97.

3) The initial life of Dharampal Gulati was full of ups and downs.

4) He stepped out to try in business after he was spilled out of the school in class 5th.

5) Before becoming a working hand to his father he tried his luck in carpentry, selling rice and hardware.

6) The partition of India and Pakistan brought a great tragedy to the business and life of the family of Dharampal Gulati.

7) The shop of his father has to be vacated as was located in Sialkot that was the part of Pakistan after the partition.

8) The family of Dharampal Gulati shifted to India and moved to New Delhi and earned his living by driving a Tonga.

9) A shop with the banner Mahashian Di Hatti was again set up by Dharampal Gulati in New Delhi which was eventually followed by different branches of it in New Delhi.

10) He was a famous Indian Businessman and had been awarded by Padma Shri by the honorable President of India Ram Nath Kovind.

Set – 2

1) Dharampal Gulati has been one of the successful Entrepreneur and the highest-paid CEO of the FMCG sector in India.

2) Every one of us knows him very well as he was the face of the company with a smiling face wearing turban and clothing like Chacha Chaudhary on every spice of MDH.

3) Dharampal Gulati was born on the 23rd of March to Mahashay Chunni Lal Gulati and Mata Chanan Devi and died on the 3rd of December 2020.

4) He was not good at studies therefore left his studies in class 5th and started working to earn and build up his career.

5) He worked in different sectors like carpentry, painting, sales, rice selling, etc, but was not satisfied and therefore joined his family business of spices.

6) His father owned a shop of spices in Sialkot, which is in Pakistan at present. Dharampal Gulati worked with his father in the same shop.

7) The partition of India and Pakistan brought devastating effects on the family of Dharampal Gulati and they had to leave Pakistan and shift to New Delhi India.

8) In New Delhi, he managed to earn living for his family by driving Tonga, further set his shop in Karol bag Delhi with the old recognized name Mahashian Di Hatti.

9) The business of spice expanded from one shop slowly and gradually to different branches in New Delhi, different parts of India, and the world too making MDH a brand name.

10) The king of Spices had also accomplished many charity works like the building of Mata Chanan Devi Hospital, school, and donated a major part of his salary.

Dharampal Gulati took his last breath in Mata Chanan Devi hospital at the age of 97. He was a man who learned from his failures. The hard work, punctuality, and dedication for the work till his older age made him successful and a known personality. He had been awarded many honors for his work. He is a good example and admiration for the present and future generations.