10 Lines on Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami is a festival which is dedicated to Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu. Among all his previous avatars, Lord Krishna was the avatar where he showed various ‘Leela’ or miraculous deeds. Born as the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudev in Mathura, he spent his first few years in the home of Nand Baba and Yashoda in Gokul.

In Gokul, he, along with Radha tried to spread the message about true love and affection. Lord Krishna established a complete city named as ‘Dwarka’ on the coasts of Gujarat and also helped the Pandavas to become victorious in Mahabharata against the Kauravas.

Ten Lines on Krishna Janmashtami in English

We have provided ten lines on Krishna Janmashtami in English. After reading these lines you will know that what is Krishna Janmashtami, whose birth anniversary is celebrated, who is Lord Krishna, why Lord Krishna took birth, what Lord Krishna holds and wears on his forehead, who was the king whom Lord Krishna killed, which religious text Lord Krishna gave as knowledge to the world, how the worship is performed in Krishna temples etc.

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10 Lines on Krishna Janmashtami – Set 1

1) Krishna Janmashtami is the festival mostly celebrated by the Hindus every year.

2) It is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.

3) Lord Krishna is considered as the 8th incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu.

4) Lord Krishna was born to protect the world from evils and remove all the difficulties.

5) He was born to play different roles of a teacher, mentor, lover, deity, friend etc.

6) Lord Krishna holds a flute in his hand and he wears a peacock feather on his head.

7) Krishna killed ‘Kansa’ the evil king of ‘Mathura’ and made devotees free from his atrocities.

8) Lord Krishna gave the supreme knowledge in the form of “Shrimad Bhagavad Gita”.

9) On Krishna Janmashtami, the temples of Krishna are filled with devotees for worship and prayer.

10) Many people observe complete fast while some only rely on fruits on Krishna Janmashtami.

We have provided another set of ten lines on Krishna Janmashtami. After going through these lines you will know that what is the other name of Krishna Janmashtami, when Janmashtami is celebrated, from whom Lord Krishna had to hide away, for which sect Janmashtami is a very important festival, what happened when Lord Krishna took birth, who was the elder brother of Lord Krishna, in whose home Lord Krishna and his brother were brought up.

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10 Lines on Krishna Janmashtami – Set 2

1) Krishna Janmashtami or popularly known as ‘Gokul Ashtami’ is a Hindu festival which is celebrated annually as birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.

2) Janmashtami is observed on the eight day of the ‘Bhadrapada’ month of Hindu calendar and in August-September of the Gregorian calendar.

3) Janmashtami is a very important festival for the people who practice ‘Vaishnavism’’; lots of sadhus and sanyasis offer prayer on this day.

4) Lord Krishna was the eighth son of mother Devaki and father Vasudev and in order to hide from his maternal uncle ‘Kansa’, he was brought up at Gokul.

5) When Lord Krishna took birth, doors of the prisons were opened automatically, guards were slept and an ‘Akashvaani’ was made to save Krishna.

6) In Gokul, Lord Krishna along with his elder brother ‘Balarama’ were brought up by Nand baba and mother Yashoda till attaining his young age.

7) Lord Krishna became the charioteer of Arjuna’s and gave him the eternal knowledge of ‘Bhagavad Gita’ before starting war of ‘Mahabharata’.

8) On the occasion of Janmashtami, people either observe complete fast or they eat food which doesn’t contain garlic or onion.

9) People sing bhajans and perform kirtans and celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna at midnight.

10) Radha-Krishna temples are highly decorated with flowers, garlands and lightings and devotees offer prayers and seek blessings of their lord.

10 Lines on Krishna Janmashtami

Here is presented the 3rd set of 10 lines on Krishna Janmashtami. The given set is prepared with few important points on Krishna Janmashtami. The Krishna Janmashtami facts provided here prepared in easy language is to give you the complete information on Krishna Janmashtami. We hope that the set will be helpful for you. So let’s start reading the given important points or lines.

10 Lines on Krishna Janmashtami – Set 3

1) According to the Hindu calendar, Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month.

2) The birthday of Shri Krishna is celebrated as Shri Krishna Janmashtami.

3) Lord Shri Krishna is considered to be the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu.

4) Devaki had given birth to Sri Krishna but he was raised by mother Yashoda.

5) It is celebrated by the Hindu of not only India but of the many other countries.

6) On this day, women, children and old people all observe fast with joy to celebrate.

7) It is especially celebrated in Mathura and Vrindavan where Shri Krishna had spent his childhood.

8) Schools and collages remains off this day and some institution organize cultural programs.

9) Also Raas-Lila, short acts based on story of Shri Krishna, is played by children especially in Mathura.

10) People also celebrate by flying Kites, sharing sweets and singing songs of Shri Krishna.

Another set of 10 points on Krishna Janmashtami is prepared for you. These important facts on Krishna Janmashtami contain some other information on Krishna Janmashtami. The set is created in easy language and is also adaptive to the reader of every age group because we have used simple language and basic words to prepare the set. So let’s start reading special lines about Krishna Janmashtami:

10 Lines on Krishna Janmashtami – Set 4

1) Krishna Janmashtami is also called Janmashtami or Gokul Ashtami.

2) Janmashtami is one of the major festivals of Hindu and has special significance.

3) It falls in the month of August or September according to the Gregorian calendar.

4) “Dahi-Handi” is the main part of celebration practiced all over India.

5) People make a human Pyramid and try to reach a clay vessel full of Curd and hung high.

6) Butter, Curd and milk made products were favourites of Sri Krishna and that is why Dahi-Handi is celebrated with zeal.

7) It is especially celebrated in Matura and Vrindavan where Lord Krishna had played and spent his childhood.

8) The people having fast on this day drink the Panchamrit at 12 o'clock in the night and thus end the fast.

9) Extremely spectacular festivals are celebrated in all the temples of Shri Krishna.

10) Sri Krishna has been the centre of our faith for ages.

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated all over India with great zeal and zest especially in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar etc. In Maharashtra, people gather on a place for ‘Dahi-Handi’ function. The Dahi Handi function is an event in which participants make a human pyramid and break the earthen pot hanged high between two poles. Participants of Dahi-Handi function are called as ‘Govinda’ and the winner of the competition is awarded with awards and monetary prizes ranging to thousands to lakhs.