10 Lines on IoT (Internet of things)

We are using Internet in our daily life for various purposes. The major devices through which we access the internet are phones and laptops. What about other devices? What will happen when another device will start communicating with each other? Is it even possible? Yes, it is possible due to rapid expansion in the field of technology.

Ten Lines on Internet of Things (IoT) in English

Here, I’m presenting ten lines on Internet of Things in English in the form of sets on IoT which stands for Internet of Things in simple language to make you understand this topic very quickly.

Set 1

1) IOT is a technology through which things can exchange data and information.

2) As the name suggests, things can operate smartly using the Internet.

3) The term Internet of Things is introduced in 1999 by Kevin Ashton.

4) Although the concept of connecting devices (IoT) was old.

5) The IoT concept started gaining popularity in 2010 and bloomed the market in 2014.

6) It is a technology which makes use of sensors, programming and various other tools.

7) IoT has many applications in different fields.

8) Smart home, smart watches, smart fire alarms, Activity tracker, Home securities are few examples of IoT.

9) Various hardware and software are used in IoT technology.

10) IoT has ability to work without human interaction.

Set 2

1) IoT is all about expanding the magic of Internet on things beyond computers and phones.

2) IoT also makes use of Artificial Intelligence.

3) IoT can be proved helpful in the Government projects like smart city planning.

4) Nowadays, IoT is widely used in the field of medicine, home, office, etc.

5) The applications of IoT will make our life easier and comfortable.

6) The IoT technology will save our time as well as energy.

7 IoT can work on different platforms like Arduino, Google cloud, etc.

8) Devices working on IoT technology require proper maintenance, as finding problem is a tough job.

9) Devices will work on internet which is threat from the security point of view.

10) IoT technology can be considered as M2M (machine to machine) interaction.

Today in the world when technological developments are touching heights, everyone wants to seek the advantage of these new automations. Humans are becoming technology-dependent day by day. These technologies are making our life simpler on the other hand it can have adverse effect in our habitat.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is Alexa an IoT device?

Ans. Amazon voice assistance Alexa is an IoT device.

Q.2 What was the first recognized device with IoT?

Ans. The Coca Cola vending machine (identifies whether drinks are cold or not) which was developed in 1990, was the first IoT device.