10 Lines on International Midwives’ Day

International Day of Midwife celebration on 5th May every year commemorates the contribution of midwives around the world to protect the maternal deaths by providing quality health care to the mothers and newborn babies. The international day of a midwife is celebrated to appreciate the achievement of midwives in the field of maternal health care. The day is celebrated by organizing presentations, speech, conferences in order to increase worldwide awareness about role of midwives in saving millions of lives of women around the world who would have possibly died in the absence of quality health care while giving births to babies.

Ten Lines on International Midwives’ Day

Set 1

1) The International Day of Midwife is celebrated every year on 5th May in the honor of the remarkable contribution of midwives to our society.

2) The program celebration aims to highlight the importance of midwives towards the health of mothers and their newborn babies.

3) The day is also celebrated to mark the exceptional achievements of the midwives in healthcare settings, maternity units, and birth centers.

4) The celebration ensures the quality of care by midwives to women, newborns and their families.

5) The idea of celebrating the day came into the picture in 1987 during the International Confederation of Midwives in the Netherlands.

6) The day commemorates the role of midwives who manage clinics and also attend home births as community midwives.

7) Every year, the International Day of Midwife is celebrated across the world with a theme to promote the contributions of midwives in society.

8) International Day of Midwife 2019 theme is ‘’Midwives: Defenders of Women’s Rights”.

9) The 2019 theme implies the contribution of midwives in protecting the rights of women by providing quality care for newborns.

10) Many global programs like conferences, panel discussions, seminars, awareness concerts are organized on the occasion.

Set 2

1) International Day of Midwife was first observed on May 5th in 1991 by 50 nations around the globe.

2) Local health administrations, midwives associations celebrate the day by organizing events like singing, karaoke, marathon run, workshops, etc.

3) Various NGOs organize vocational skill training programs for midwives around the world.

4) One of the objectives of celebrating the International Day of Midwife is to address the concern of a growing shortage of skilled midwives around the globe.

5) On the day the governments run various campaigns for highlighting the role of midwives in universal coverage of maternity care.

6) The celebration stresses the importance of midwives in society for providing immediate care to newborns in order to prevent maternal deaths.

7) Global Midwifery Symposium was organized in Kuala Lumpur to address the concern of midwives service availability, acceptability and enhancing the care quality.

8) Rallies, a street march, documentary screening, and stall exhibitions are some of the other programs which are also organized on International Day of Midwife.

9) Many health organizations and famous hospitals are designing quality courses equipped with the latest technologies so as to provide employment to millions of women.

10) Government, civil communities, NGOs should collaborate to organize activities for the welfare of midwives around the world.

10 Lines on International Midwives’ Day

Set 3

1) Every year may 5th is considered to be the International Day of Midwives.

2) A midwife is a lady who helps and takes care of a lady during pregnancy.

3) They can also deliver babies at centre and home.

4) This day is regarded to highlight the importance of midwives in society.

5) The 2021 day of midwives had the theme of “Follow the Data: Invest in Midwives”

6) The theme majorly focused on investing in midwives and understanding their importance.

7) It was first celebrated on 7th May 1991.

8) There have been around 50 nations getting involved in this celebration.

9) The WHO publishes reports regarding midwives every year evaluating 194 countries.

10) Midwives also help in planning your family and watch your physical and psychological health.

Set 4

1) Midwives have 4 levels of training depending on what type of experience and qualifications they have.

2) There are certifications to become a midwife.

3) In 2019, certified midwives did 369,362 births.

4) There were more than 12,500 registered midwives in America.

5) A report says that midwifery can save up to 4.3 million lives in a year by 2035.

6) Many posters and flyers are set up to raise awareness about midwives.

7) NGOs work to provide financial help to Lay Midwives.

8) Expert talks and interviews are conducted to spread information regarding midwifery.

9) There was no adverse effect yet found with midwifery practices.

10) Midwives are also great counselors in the matter of childbirth and newborn care.

International Day of Midwife pays tribute to midwives from maternity units, birth centers of millions of hospitals who work day and night to provide quality care to mothers and newborns. The celebration gives us the unique opportunity to focus on innovative ways that can help in improving the service and accessibility of primary health care being provided by midwives across the regions including rural and underdeveloped areas.

The government, NGOs have to own responsibility in providing credible resources and infrastructure even in the remotest areas like villages so as to provide quality health services to women who don’t have enough money to spend on healthcare.

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