10 Lines on Hyder Ali

Apart from freedom fighters, there were many emperors who came to India, ruled and saved the country from various threats. They also fought for the country against Britishers. Some of them are Ashoka, Akbar, Chandragupta Maurya, Porus, etc. Ruler refers to the person who rule and govern the country by giving commands. Different ruler emerged in different centuries. One of them was Hyder Ali who emerged in power in the late Eighteenth century.

Ten Lines on Hyder Ali in English

Here we are representing few easy sets of ten lines on Hyder Ali, for kids and all the curious people who want to know important things in short, so that they can easily learn about him.

Set 1

1) Hyder Ali was the ruler of Mysore, Karnataka.

2) Hyder Ali was born in 1722 at Budikote, Kolar district (place in Karnataka).

3) His parents were Fath Muhammed and Lal Bai.

4) Initially he served in military service, later he was part of Mysorean Army.

5) Although he was illiterate but he had fantastic numerical ability with good memory.

6) In 1758, he seized the Bangalore and ruled along with Tipu Sultan.

7) He was the first ruler of Mysore who was entitled with Nawab. Hence known as “Nawab of Mysore”.

8) He fought various battles like Anglo-Mysore War, Battle of Porto Novo and Arni etc.

9) Tipu Sultan also known as “Tiger of Mysore”, was son of Hyder Ali.

10) Hyder Ali died on 7 December 1782 in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.

Set 2

1) Hyder Ali referred himself as “Sultan” after he conquered Mysore and hence called as Sultan Hyder Ali.

2) Hyder Ali Khan was 5th child of Fath Muhammad.

3) His father was “Nair” (Constable) in Kolar, Karnataka.

4) He fought against East India Company.

5) He also fought several times against Maratha association.

6) He conquered various places like Bangalore, Mysore, and Kanara etc.

7) Hyder Ali had two wives and his second wife was the mother of Tipu Sultan.

8) Sir Eyre Coote defeated Hyder Ali in Porto Novo and Arni war.

9) Hyder Ali died due to cancer on 7 December, 1782.

10) After his death, his body was buried in Gumbaz at Srirangapatna, Karnataka.

Hyder Ali was very bold personality with excellent leadership qualities. Being a ruler, he had faced many victories in his lifetime. Hyder Ali played a vital role in Indian History for protecting southern part of India from Britishers. He defeated every action which was unfavorable towards country. Due to his huge contribution, people remember him as a fighter and get inspired from his act of bravery. Today the name of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan is taken with great honor in India.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions

Q.1 Which was the last war of Hyder Ali?

Ans. Porto Novo and Arni was his last war.

Q.2 Who was wife of Hyder Ali?

Ans. Fatima Fakhr-un-Nisa was his wife.

Q.3 When Hyder Ali conquered Mysore?

Ans. Hyder Ali conquered Mysore in 1761.