Paragraph on Strange Dreams

Dreams are imaginative thoughts that come to our minds while we are sleeping. It brings a sensation to our minds. These sensations might be positive or negative depending upon the type of dreams that have occurred in our minds. Have you heard about strange dreams? I hope many of us would have heard as well as experienced about the strange dreams. Here are some short and long paragraphs with details on strange dreams.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Strange Dreams/Strange Dreamscape

I think you will find it to be an easy way of understanding the strange dreams or strange dreamscape in our life.

Paragraph 1-100 words

The imaginative thoughts and pictures that come into our minds during the resting phase are termed Dreams. These dreams appear as if everything is happening in reality but shatters as soon as we open our eyes in the morning. Many times it is difficult for us to memorize the dream that we see in the night.

It is always said that dreaming is good for us. It happens that sometimes we see strange dreams while sleeping. The strange dreams can shake us from inside and make us terrified. It can also have a long-term effect on some of us. This depends upon the severity of the strangeness of the dream.

Paragraph 2- 120 words

The word strange refers to something that is unknown or difficult to understand or explain. The same happens when we see strange dreams. These are the dreams that give us horrible experiences. It makes a person terrified or scared from inside. We feel that everything that we see in a strange dream is really happening to us. Many of us weep after experiencing such nightmares.

We get calm and relaxed after waking up and realizing that whatever we saw was just a dream and has no connection with reality. The positive and happy dreams give us joy and make us feel more energetic while the strange dream frightens us and upsets the state of our mind in many cases.

Paragraph 3- 150 words

Dreams are the experiences of our own minds. These experiences can be good or bad. It was not an ordinary dream that we often see during sleeping. It was a strange dream that really scared me from inside. I had seen a horror movie a week before this strange dream came to my mind. There was a horrible and frightening creature in the movie. I saw the same creature in my dreams. I noticed that wherever I went the same creature was following me.

The voice produced by that creature gave me goose bumps. It had a very dangerous look with its teeth outside, heels in the front, and eyes were bloody red. I had the fear that it would come to me from any side. I covered my whole body with the bed sheet and made sure that I was packed from all sides.  I felt as if I was dying because of the fear. Finally, I opened my eyes and there was nothing like that what I had seen in my dreams. I had a walk and made myself comfortable to forget that strange dream.

Paragraph 4- 200 words

The fantasies that are only the imaginations of the mind but not the reality are called dreams. We see dreams when we are not mentally active and are in the state of resting. We often imagine our future or our goal in our dreams. We want that such dreams may come into reality. It is not fixed that dreams will always be beautiful ones with sweet memories. Many times we are bothered because of experiencing strange dreams.

Reason for Strange Dreaming

Strange dreams are normal to occur sometimes during sleeping. These dreams do not have any connection with our real life. We all can experience strange dreams while sleeping. These dreams are memorized in our minds instead of forgetting the same. These dreams may be soothing or annoying. It does not signify any illness or health disorder if strange dreams occur sometimes. It becomes a serious issue for the people who are frequently disturbed by strange dreams during sleeping. Disturbed sleep or sleep disorder, anxiety, drug abuse, stress, etc are the major reasons for strange dreaming.

Ways to get rid of Strange Dreaming

Yoga and meditation are the best ways to keep ourselves free from unwanted stress. This will reduce the chances of the occurrence of strange dreams during sleep. Eating healthy makes our body fit and induces good sleep. Sound sleeping without any kind of disturbance keeps us away from strange dreaming.

Paragraph 5-250 words

Strange dreams as the name sounds are horrible and frightening. Many of us have experienced such nightmares in our lives. We wish that such types of frightening dreams would never come during sleeping.

The Horrible Nightmare

It was a strange dream that I had seen when I was studying class 5th. I saw that I am playing with my small sister in the farmyard in my village. The afternoon had passed and it was turning dark. I and my sister were so involved in playing that we went far from the farmyard. When we realized the same it was too late. Suddenly there came an old woman and she had a very scary look. At first, we thought that she is among the villagers. But when we saw her long nails, teeth, foot, and white saree we started shivering with fear.

The old women came near us and started taking my small sister away from me. I was not able to do anything to save my sister. She was screaming and crying for help. As soon as I tried to shout that please don’t take my sister away my eyes opened. I turned around and saw that my sister was sleeping peacefully. I was very happy to see the same and became relaxed as I realized that it was all that happened in my dreams.

The Side-Effects were Long-Lasting

I realized after awaking that everything was fine and nothing happened to me and my small sister. I felt that even after realizing that it was a dream I became scared whenever I memorized the incident that happened in the dream. I get relaxed every time I see my sister that she is well. This strange dream makes me terrified after reminding it even after the passing of 5 years.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the root word of dream?

Ans. The word dream has been derived from the Greek word “Oneiros”.

Q.2 Which dream feels real to us?

Ans. Lucid dreams feel real to us as we know that we are dreaming.

Q.3 Do nightmares give us some message?

Ans. No, they are just the imagination of our minds.

Q.4 Who is regarded as the goddess of dreams?

Ans. Morpheus Goddess is regarded as the goddess of dreams.

Q.5 What is the name given to dream within a dream?

Ans. The name given to dream within a dream is ‘false awakening’.