10 Lines on Howrah Junction Railway Station

Railway stations are places that are meant to facilitate travel for the people. It is an area that provides the facility for the halt of trains and loading and unloading of passengers and goods. Moreover, the place is equipped with several amenities for the ease of travelers. There are many railway stations in our country but some railway stations are beautifully designed.

They are the places of tourist attraction. Have you ever heard of Howrah Junction Railway station? I will be providing detailed information about this railway junction in form of sets of ten lines. I hope it might be helpful for the students and readers.

Ten Lines on Howrah Railway Junction – Biggest Railway Station in terms of Crowd

Set – 1

1) The Howrah junction station is situated in Howrah city of West Bengal in India.

2) The Howrah railway station is popularly known as the Howrah junction.

3) It is stated as the oldest and largest complex of Indian Railways.

4) The station code is HWH and it is grouped under A1 railway stations in India.

5) The Howrah railway station consists of 23 platforms.

6) The credit for designing the old complex goes to George Turnbull and Halsey Ricardo for the new complex of the station.

7) The 23 platforms of the station are providing routes to 600 passenger trains daily.

8) Terminal-1 refers to the platform 1-16 present in the old building of the station.

9) The new complex of the station contains platforms 17-23 and referred to as Terminal-2.

10) The Howrah Railway station is operated by the Eastern Railway.

Set – 2

1) Howrah Junction Railway station is listed among one of the crowded Indian railway stations.

2) The station complex is situated near the banks of river Hooghly.

3) A huge crowd of passengers can be seen here as the railway station is connected directly with 1373 other stations.

4) The Howrah junction has been a place of tourist attraction because of its beautiful architecture.

5) The Howrah junction is also mentioned among the five intercity train stations in India.

6) Howrah station serves as the divisional headquarters of the Indian Railway.

7) The rail Museum built-in 2006 depicts of history and heritage of Howrah junction.

8) Many local trains for intermediate stations run on the lines of Howrah Junction.

9) The train service from Eastern India was initiated on 15 August 1854.

10) The station has been providing services to the people for the last 167 years.

The Howrah junction is marked for its beautifully designed architecture. It is a favorite tourist spot too. The station provides the facility of different trains to the major cities of India and hence remains crowded all the 24 hours of the day. In 1853 the first locomotive train was initiated for the first time from Howrah to Thane. The station serves the railway routes to more than 750 trains and thus provides ease to the passengers.