10 Lines on Corruption

Corruption is the evil in the society which affects the growth and development of the country. It affects the uniform development of the country by making rich more richer and poor getting poorer. Corruption adversely affects the country’s social, economical and political development and also instills the dissatisfaction against the government. Corruption has become so big that it has started affecting the daily course of life.

Every one of us are sometimes forced to bribe the officials to speed up the process thus by adding fuel to this practice. So it becomes important for us to understand the ill effects of this evil.

Ten Lines on Corruption in English

We have given below the 10 lines on corruption and how it affects the overall development of the country. Please go through them to understand more on the subject.

10 Lines on Corruption - Set 1

1) Corruption is an unethical and unfair means of earning benefits, majorly in monetary terms.

2) Corruption is one of the biggest hurdles towards the path of uniform growth of the country.

3) According to a survey 92% of Indians at some time in their life have paid bribe to a government official to speed up or get the job done.

4) Corruption in India lies at each and every level of the system, be it a public or a private sector.

5) India ranks top in Forbes list of 5 most corrupt countries of Asia in 2017 with 69% bribery rate.

6) A major part of the government’s schemes and benefits are absorbed by corruption and only a little reaches to the beneficiary.

7) According to the World Bank, only 40% of grain intended for the poor people reaches them.

8) Many numbers of elected MPs or MLAs have corruption charges against them and still they are able to contest elections.

9) Right to Information act is a great tool to fight corruption at every level.

10) If stringent steps are not taken to fight corruption then it will become difficult for India to achieve the target of a developed nation.

Corruption is a malefic, dishonest and criminal activity which is done knowingly in order to get undue favour either in monetary or something in asset. Corruption has two ways in common, one is “Bribery” and another is “Embezzlement”. Other kinds of corruption can be said as illegal transfer of funds that were given for developmental activities, tax-evasion by showing wrong information of accounts, generating black money by opening shell companies, benami transactions etc and are many more ways to count.

Corruption starts from micro level to macro level i.e. it starts from getting small favours up to getting big favours from government which can shake the country if it comes into the news. It destroys the economic growth and development.

Here is another set of 10 lines on 'corruption' for your easiness and help you better understand the meaning of corruption . You can easily understand and learn these lines about corruption for the purposes like your exams, school assignments or paragraph recitation in the class:

10 Lines on Corruption – Set 2

1) Corruption is of taking advantage of own authority to gain personal benefits and advantages over other.

2) Corruption causes inequalities in the society and may also lead to revolt.

3) Denmark is the least corrupt county in the world as per the corruption index table.

4) Somalia is the most corrupt country in the world followed by Sudan and Syria.

5) Transparency International, a non-profit organization to combat global corruption, ranks India at 81st in the global corruption perception table 2017.

6) Corruption has grown to such a level that it has also given rise to many criminal activities such as extortion, kidnapping, and even assassination.

7) There had been many attacks on the RTI activists for exposing corruption and promoting transparency in the functioning of government offices.

8) Around 65 RTI activists have been killed since the formation of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

9) Apart from strict laws and immediate justice, protection of the RTI activists is also required to fight corruption.

10) A unified collaboration between the government and the society is required to curb out corruption from our country.

We have also provided an additional set of 10 lines on corruption especially for our young kids. They can use these lines in writing essays, speeches or even small paragraphs. These lines are short and easy to memorize which will help children in their exams also.

10 Lines on Corruption for Kids – Set 3

1) Corruption is the evil way of earning money.

2) It is the misuse of the power given for the benefit of the society.

3) The greediness of people is the main cause of corruption.

4) People give bribes to the officers to speed up their work.

5) Bribe could be in the form of money or gifts.

6) The government should take strict actions against corruption.

7) People who take or give bribe should be put in the prison.

8) Corruption directly affects the development of the country.

9) Corruption is crime and everyone should fight against it.

10) Let us pledge together that we will not give or take bribe and help in the development of country.

10 Lines on Corruption for Students – Set 4

We have provided here 4th set of 10 lines on corruption in English in order to make you understand about corruption. You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph in exam or in any competition conducted in your school on the occasion of “International Anti-Corruption Day” on 9th of December.

1) Corruption is an immoral, unethical and criminal act of getting illicit benefit from the others.

2) The person who is on the higher position generally indulges in this malpractice in order to earn more money than what they have presently.

3) In corruption, the benefit is either monetary or in any other commodity such as property, jewellery, or something else which has a high value.

4) It starts from getting or demanding small favours by some people to the big ones which effects the economy and general law and order of a nation..

5) It poses a serious dent to the economy as the money which was going to be used for growth and development goes in the hands of unscrupulous people.

6) “Petty Corruption” is a small type of corruption in which small kind of favour is expected. Ex- to bribe a Traffic Policeman for not issuing Challan on wrong driving.

7) “Grand Corruption” is a high level corruption in which government officials are involved in transferring huge funds illegally into their accounts.

8) The government sector is mired in corruption as none of the work is done without bribing or granting some undue favour to the officials.

9) In private companies corruption also takes place in the form of embezzlement; officials take out huge sum of money for their personal purposes.

10) Nepotism is also a kind of corruption in which promoting or appointing a relative or friend of a corrupt person who does not deserves such appointment.

Corruption is a termite which is slowly eating the growth of our country. It is making the country hollow from inside and leading to inequalities in the society. The government benefits do not reach the intended beneficiaries due to corruption which is widening the gap between rich and poor. Corruption could only be stopped when we follow the fair means to get our job done and stop paying bribe to the officials.

10 Lines on Corruption for School Students – Set 5

We have provided here 5th set of 10 lines on corruption so that you understand the ill effects of corruption and how to curb it. You can use these lines in speech and presentation in any competition or seminar in school or university.

1) Corruption is a grave issue which is affecting India on central, state and local levels of government severely.

2) “Transparency International” in 2005 said that 92 percent of Indians at any point of time have paid bribe to government officials.

3) In 2018, India got 81st position in transparency international rankings which shows a fall of two points from 2016.

4) There are a number of reports which tells about the black money of Indian rich people, who have stashed their money in Swiss banks.

5) Corruption in India is caused due to several reasons, such as excessive rules and regulations, difficult tax and licencing system, Inspector Raj etc.

6) In India, political corruption is in number one position followed by the corruption done by the government officials.

7) Corruption occurs in various sectors. Ex – land and property, awarding tenders, hospitals, IT department, mining etc.

8) Black money is the main product of corruption which is earned illegally through unfair means.

9) In 2106 “Demonetization” was declared by the government to destroy black money by declaring Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes a non- legal tender.

10) CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), CVC (Central Vigilance Commission), ED (Enforcement Directorate) are some of the departments, created to investigate corruption.

Corruption is a curse to the nation. It not only hampers the economic growth and development of a country, but also gives birth to other heinous crimes such as terrorism, illicit human trafficking, prostitution, extortion etc. It is a result of never ending expectation as the rich wants to become richer and poor also wants to have money with him. This greediness gives birth to corruption in which those who are in power, influence policies and decisions to benefit themselves or others.