10 Lines on Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees are the animals belonging to the category of “Pan” with presence in all across the globe except Antarctica. They are considered to be genetically closest animals to the class of family comprising of apes, humans and gorillas. Most of the chimpanzees prefer to live in tropical rainforest, cloud forest and the broadleaf forests of Africa. Chimpanzees prefer to live in groups called as communities and are quite intelligent in using various techniques for hunting, planning strategies for many future events.

Ten Lines on Chimpanzee in English

We have provided sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Chimpanzee in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraphs writing in your exams as well as in the school competition. We hope, these simples lines about Chimpanzee will be easily understood and helpful for you.

10 Lines on Chimpanzee

1) Chimpanzees are classified in to two groups; the Bonobos (40-60000 in numbers) and the common chimpanzees (140000-300000 in numbers) separated by Congo River. Common chimpanzees are found in north of Congo river and Bonobos are found in south of Congo River.

2) The fossil records of chimpanzee prove that along with humans, apes and gorillas chimpanzees share the same group of ancestors existing on planet earth millions of years ago.

3) Lifespan of Chimpanzee may vary from species to species. Bonobos live up to 40 years and the common chimpanzees live up to 50 years.

4) The female chimpanzee has the gestation period of 8 to 9 months and gives birth to single baby at a time.

5) Chimpanzees take care of their babies just like humans providing warmth and care.

6) Body length of the chimpanzees may vary from 63 to 95 cm depending upon group of species and average body weight is around 71 kg.

7) Chimpanzees have greater muscle power when compared to humans due to their large skeletal muscle fibres.

8) Chimpanzees are omnivorous in nature eating insects, leaves, roots, meat and berries.

9) Chimpanzees would invest significant amount of time on land but when it comes to eating and sleeping they would climb up the trees.

10) Chimpanzees don’t have any natural predator except leopard and humans.

10 Lines and Sentences on Chimpanzee

1) Chimps (Chimpanzees) can use various methods to build their nests with the help of sticks, leaves and twigs. They can dig out the termites out of their mounds with the help of sticks.

2) Chimpanzees can communicate by various means. They create lot of noise through hoot, scream for hours. Chimpanzees can also use non-verbal way of communication like expressions and hand gestures similar to humans.

3) Chimps can remember the number sequence due to their powerful memory.

4) Chimpanzees show great deal of empathy with other chimps in a group, they can also adapt orphaned baby chimps of their group.

5) Chimpanzees are quite popular in Africa because many chimpanzees are being kept as pets due to their strength and behaviour.

6) Genetically chimps are quite similar to the human beings hence they can easily get caught up with flu and other infections but they don’t have antibodies to protect themselves.

7) Chimps are very altruistic in nature; they would warn other groups and friends if they perceive the threat from predators by making vocal sounds.

8) Chimps are quite popular in culture and they have played many different characters in TV shows, movies and cartoons.

9) Humans have caught them from jungles so that they can be dressed up for circus and stage shows one of the means of entertainment.

10) Both the categories of chimps bonobo and common chimps have been listed as one of the most endangered species by IUCN-International Union for Conservation of nature and natural resources.

5 Lines on Chimpanzee

1) Chimpanzees are black in color.

2) They are very intelligent.

3) They are omnivorous animals.

4) They can be 4-6 feet long.

5) They are observed as human relatives.

20 Lines on Chimpanzee

1) Chimpanzee popularly called chimps belongs to the family Hominidae.

2) It is a social animal and prefers living in groups called 'communities'.

3) A single group of chimpanzees consists of 20-150 members.

4) The group members are directed by the dominant male chimpanzee in the group.

5) They spend their entire life partially on trees and partially on land.

6) Chimpanzee uses certain medicinal plants for curing several diseases as human beings do.

7) They communicate with other chimpanzees by facial expressions, postures, and different sounds.

8) The behavior of chimpanzees is closely observed by setting cameras, drones, and microphones.

9) Chimpanzees are enlisted as endangered species in the world.

10) They are intelligent animals as they can remember well, have knowledge of tools, and show cooperation.

11) The chimpanzee is a mammal that resembles human beings.

12) It is 4-6 feet longer in size and weighs about 30-70 kg.

13) The entire body of the chimpanzee except for the face, hands, and feet is covered by rough hairs.

14) Chimpanzee is found in every type of forest area in the world.

15) It is extremely fond of eating a variety of food and especially bananas.

16) Chimpanzee is omnivorous in nature but mainly feeds on fruits, nuts, seeds, and roots of plants.

17) The average lifespan of chimpanzees is 40 to 60 years.

18) The male chimpanzee is bigger and stronger as compared to the female chimpanzee.

19) The gestation period in a female chimpanzee is of 8 months.

20) The mother chimpanzee nourishes her young ones by breastfeeding upto 5 years after birth.

Chimpanzees have been used as laboratory samples in experiments and bio-medical research for more than 70 years. Chimps as animals have to undergo a lot of pain because in most of the cases for the experiments they are being separated from their mothers just after the birth and researchers conduct surgery, biopsy on their bodies.

But now things are changing with respect to the steps being taken by many governments of European and American countries, research ban preventing the use of chimpanzees and apes for testing purposes in experiments is getting implemented. Chimps are unique and fascinating creatures and hence should be treated with great love and care from humanitarian point of view.