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India is a land of festivals and we celebrate these festivals either on the victory of God over evil power or on a special occasion. Govardhan puja is celebrated to express our gratitude to Lord Krishna, who saved people from Indra.

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Short and Long Paragraphs on Govardhan Puja/Annakut in English

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Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Govardhan puja is celebrated every year just a day after Diwali in the month of Kartik. It is an auspicious occasion when Lord Krishna protected the entire village from Lord Indra. There are many stories behind celebrating an occasion. Every year on this day we keep some pots filled with different food items and pray to Lord Krishna.

In different parts of India, people make a Gowardhan Parvat and Krishna idol from cow dung and offer flowers and Akshat on it. They perform their prayer and also cook a variety of delicious recipes to serve lord Krishna it is also knowns as Chappan Bhog in India. Annakut and Govardhan puja is celebrated on the same day and time.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Festivals add a smile to our face and it also helps us to bring some change in our day to day life. Similarly, Govardhan puja is one of the most auspicious events for Hindus. On this day in the Dvapara Yuga, which is counted as third out of four yugas, Lord Krishna raised the Govardhan Mountain on his small finger.

It was Lord Indra who planned to punish the villagers because they stopped worshiping Indra. He rained for a week and as a result, there was water everywhere. As Krishna, the incarnation of Vishnu, who witnessed the incident, he raised the Govardhan Mountain and gave shelter to people and they saved themselves from the deadly rain.

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Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

It is a festival of showing our gratitude towards Lord Krishna. Krishna was born in Dvapara Yuga actually it was lord Vishnu who incarnated himself as Krishna. Whenever there is injustice in society there is positive energy born to save us. It was Lord Krishna who promoted people to pray to the mountain instead of Lord Indra for rain.

Krishna explained that the mountain is the main source of their livelihood. It gives us water, food, etc. As a result, people started following him and lord Indra didn’t like it. So, lord Indra planned to punish them by raining continuously for a week, as lord Indra is known for rain in Hinduism.

As a result, the entire Vrindavan immersed in water, people went to Krishna for help, and Lord Krishna raised the Govardhan parvat on his small finger and saved people. Then Lord Brahma told Indra that Krishna is the incarnation of Vishnu. Indra felt sorry and he stopped the rain. After this incident, every year people celebrate this occasion as Govardhan puja. It is also known as Annakut puja.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Govardhan puja is a day when we see our mother and sisters performing a puja where they have some pots filled with different types of food items. At some places, people make lord Krishna and the Govardhan parvat from cow dung and perform some traditional rituals.

The day holds very special importance in our history. On this day Lord Krishna saved people from the deadly rain, that lord Indra showered in anger. Lord Krishna raised the Govardhan parvat on his fingers and gave shelter to people.

Earlier people use to pray to different deities for different things so; there was a puja celebration for Lord Indra to make him happy so that they could get enough rain for agriculture as well as for other work. When Krishna saw the incident, he told people about the importance of Govardhan Parvat. He also told people that this mountain gives us air, water, food, wood, etc so, it is worth praying this Parvat rather Indra.

After this, people started their puja and Indra got angry and it started raining. It was a deadly rain and continued for many days, again it was Govardhan Parvat Lord Krishna raised on his hand and gave shelter to people. This is the story behind celebrating this occasion. On one side the mountain saved their lives and, on another side, it also gives them food and other necessary things.

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Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

As per the almanac every year we celebrate Govardhan Puja on the first day of the lunar month of Kartik, which can be seen in November as per the Georgian calendar. This day is auspicious because it witnessed some auspicious occasions in history. As per Hindu mythologies, there are many beliefs for celebrating this festival.

In the northern part of India, people celebrate the event that occurred in the Dvapara Yuga, whereas in some parts it is celebrated as Annakut festival. On the same day in the southern part of India, people celebrate Bali Padva.

It is an auspicious day and people celebrate it in different ways. Govardhan puja holds its own importance. On this day Lord Krishna told people the importance of trees and mountains, he also told people to worship the holy cow. As the villagers use to pray to different God for different things, they organized a Yagya for Lord Indra so that they could get enough rain.

As per Hindus, Lord Indra is a god of rain but Krishna suggested them to pray to the mountain. Lord Indra watched the entire scenario and got angry and started raining. He continued for many days and as a result, the entire village sank. People were in terror and they asked Krishna for help. Krishna saw the incident and smiled at the foolishness of Indra and raised the Govardhan Parvat on his small finger.

It was Brahma who saw the incident and told Indra that Krishna was the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu, then Indra felt sorry and stopped raining. After this people celebrated this day because God saved them. They also celebrate Annakut because it is Govardhan Parvat that provides them food and also saved them from rain. From that day people started celebrating this special day as Govardhan Puja.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Govardhan Puja

Q.1 When is Govardhan Puja Celebrated?

Ans. Govardhan Puja is celebrated on the first day of Lunar month of Kartik (4th Day of Diwali).

Q.2 What is the reason behind Govardhan Puja?

Ans. Lord Krishna saved the villagers from heavy rainfall by uplifting the Govardhan Parvat.

Q.3 Which God is worshipped on Govardhan Puja?

Ans. Lord Krishna is worshipped on Govardhan Puja.

Q.4 What is the other name of Govardhan Puja?

Ans. Annakut is the other name of Govardhan Puja.

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