Paragraph on E-Diplomacy

The discovery of computers and internet has been a wonderful blessing of technology to humanity. The emergence and use of the internet in different fields like education, health, trade, communication, etc have brought a revolutionary change in these fields. Nowadays everything has become easier and faster because of the use of internet. The advent of this technology provides access to instant information and has devised several online communication methods. Internet is also emerging as a beneficial tool in carrying out maintaining foreign relationships and diplomacy and that is called as E-Diplomacy or Digiplomacy.

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Short and Long Paragraphs on E-Diplomacy in English

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Paragraph 1- 100 words (eDiplomacy -The real meaning)

The concept of establishing and managing relations of nations with foreign countries by use of dialogues, negotiations, etc. is termed diplomacy. This is an important factor for developing good international relationships between the nations. Now, the question arises in our mind that what is E-Diplomacy? The term E-Diplomacy stands for Electronic- diplomacy. The application of internet technology by the nations to manage international relations and achieve other diplomatic objectives is termed as E- diplomacy. It makes use of online technologies to perform all the functions of the diplomats. In simple words, it means the use of internet technology to carry out all the objectives of diplomacy in a virtual way instead of traditional diplomacy.

Paragraph 2- 120 words (Utilizing Information and Communication Technology)

E-Diplomacy or Digital Diplomacy is the new way of establishing international relations by the collaboration of electronic tools and social media by the nations. E- Diplomacy is stated by different names like Electronic –Diplomacy, Digiplomacy, Digital diplomacy, etc. This concept utilizes the information and communication technologies by the nations to achieve different diplomatic objectives. The concept of e-diplomacy does not have any accurate definition till date and is therefore defined in different ways by several organizations and countries. The use of information and communication technology has greatly benefitted the nations in managing their foreign policies. The foreign ministers now can easily send their dialogue or negotiations to the public and ministers of other countries in time less than a second. This technology also enables them to explain their points by making use of videos and pictures.

Paragraph 3- 150 words (An account on Initiation of This Concept)

E- Diplomacy is regarded as an online platform for peaceful conversation and achievement of foreign policies between different nations. This concept was first initiated in the United States of America. The Foreign Ministry of the US State Department was first in the world to set up an eDiplomacy. This later resulted in the creation of a task force on eDiplomacy in the year 2002. This task force was later renamed as Office of eDiplomacy. This office is constituted of 80 members out of whom half are involved in doing eDiplomacy related tasks.

This concept was soon accepted, adopted, and promoted by other countries of the world. Sweden has successfully promoted this concept by enhancing the online communication approach. This strategy was first adopted by one of the foreign ministers of Sweden named Carl Bildt who was also recognized as ‘best-connected Twitter leader’. In 2012 Twitter was mostly used by the heads of governments to promote global public relations and communication and thus it was termed Twitter diplomacy. Twiplomacy study of 2020, states that about 98% of member countries of the United Nation are having their presence on Twitter.

Paragraph 4- 200 words (Benefits and Drawbacks)

The advent of internet technology has brought several changes in the field of education, health, commerce, etc. Similarly, the use of internet technology has replaced traditional diplomacy with eDiplomacy. The use of online tools and the advent of social media sites have made this concept easier in achieving the objective of diplomatic policies.

Benefits and Drawbacks of E-Diplomacy

There are several advantages and disadvantage of the concept of eDiplomacy and that has been enlisted below:


  • Safe Mode Amid Covid-19 Pandemic– It was the best way of carrying out the diplomatic functions by the heads of governments and foreign ministers without coming in contact with anyone.
  • Time Saving Procedure- The advent of eDiplomacy enables the government officials of different nations to attend different conferences and international summits without giving their physical presence in different nations.
  • Cost-Effective – This procedure helps in saving the expenditure of money in conducting the events. This also cuts the expenses utilized in traveling of the government officials of different nations for carrying the diplomatic functions.


  • The conversation in eDiplomacy is fostered by the social media sites in form of images and videos that might become a subject of the diplomatic crisis.
  • The procedure of conducting summits and conferences in virtual mode might not be sufficient in fulfilling the objectives of diplomatic interests.
  • There are greater cyber security risks associated with the concept of eDiplomacy. It might result in hacking some of the useful information.

Paragraph 5- 250 words (Alternative of Diplomacy in Wake of Covid-19 Crisis)

E-Diplomacy has now evolved as a new technology for maintaining the foreign relationships of nations with other countries. This tact is now considered the best alternative to traditional diplomacy. The concept was initially evolved in the United States of America but later spread to other countries of the world. At present maximum countries are having their participation in carrying out their diplomatic objectives in an online mode.

The Initiation of E-Diplomacy in India

The concept of eDiplomacy was evolved in India in the year 2010. This concept had been highlighted in the world after the summit of India-Australia virtual leaders that took place on the 4th of June in the year 2020. It was organized to discuss different measures to tackle the problem of the Covid-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had attended different international events during the covid-19 pandemic situation. This was a great inspiration to other countries of the world to embrace this technology and perform different diplomatic functions online. The events like video conferencing of leaders of SAARC countries on 15th of March in the year 2020. Later, he also participated in the Extraordinary G-20 Leaders summit that was held on the 26th of March in the year 2020.   

Best Tool in Wake of Covid-19 Crisis

The emergence of the concept of eDiplomacy in the world was the best tool for carrying out diplomatic functions amid the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The gathering of people and movement was totally restricted during the pandemic. It was not safe for the foreign ministers of nations to attend summits and international events during that period. The emergence of eDiplomacy has helped in carrying out all the diplomatic functions and foreign policies in continuation without any hindrance. The heads of the nations and foreign ministers of different countries could easily connect and negotiate on social media along with global public participation.

This technology might be attaining more attention in the future as different nations of the world are embracing the concept of digitalization at a faster pace. Thus it can be stated that the eDiplomacy technology will have a bright application along with the progress of the concept of digitalization.

I hope these paragraphs on e-diplomacy will help you knowing about it very easily.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on e-Diplomacy

Q.1 What is diplomacy in simple words?

Ans. Diplomacy in simple words means managing international policies for peaceful relationships among all nations.

Q.2 Which country in the world ranks on top in global diplomacy?

Ans. China is a country in the world that ranks on top in global diplomacy.

Q.3 Which country is regarded as the founder of diplomacy?

Ans. Greece is regarded as the founder of diplomacy.

Q.4 What is the name of the world’s first embassy?

Ans. The Chinese embassy in the United Kingdom instituted in 1877, is the world’s first embassy.

Q.5 How does digital diplomacy function?

Ans. Digital diplomacy works by using internet and communication technology and social media sites.