Paragraph on Dowry System

Dowry System is the dark reality of Indian marriages. The traditional Indian Marriages are no more than a monetary deal for some people. Asking a heavy amount of dowry for fixing marriages is a crime but still, this system exists in our society. We have covered all important facts and shocking data reflecting this never-ending greed of the dowry and dowry system. Kindly read the paragraphs mentioned below:

Short and Long Paragraphs on Dowry System

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Dowry System is an ancient Indian custom that is now turned into a social evil for our society. Dowry is the heavy amount of money that is paid by the bride’s family to the groom’s family at the time of their marriage.

In ancient times the custom of dowry was only for the future security of the bride, as her parents want her to be financially independent that is why they gifted her money and property. But, now this system is used by the groom or his family to fulfilling their greed. Bride’s parents are forced to pay the heavy amount in lieu of their daughter’s marriage. Even some marriages are break due to this incessant deal of money.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Dowry System is a sad reality of our Indian society. Paying money for marriage is injustice. Poor parents if not managed to pay a heavy amount; they even forced to take marriage loans. Why such a system is part of our society? It is not important that a bride is ready to spend her whole life with the groom and his family, then why she is bound to pay money on the day of her marriage?

Such questions are re-thinkable. The Prohibition of Dowry Act states that taking or giving dowry is a crime. But still, an unethical dowry system still exists. Sadly, the dowry killings are also one of the big issues for rural India. The killing of brides in the name of dowry is sometimes also occurred in urban areas.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Dowry is the money paid by the bride or her family to the groom or his family. This amount of money is asked by the groom’s family before the marriage. This money is sometimes is not objectionable by the bride’s family as they find it as a part of their daughter’s marriage. The situation is worse for the poor family when they are unable to arrange money for their daughter’s marriage.

Dowry is demanded in monetary form, as vehicles or as property. The irony is that in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, dowry is seen as a status symbol for various families. Aristocratic families give and take a high amount of dowries on their son or daughter’s marriage. Even this trend has even decided the rate of dowries like if a doctor, bureaucrat or any well off established boy is marrying a normal non-working girl, He can even demand higher of dowry from her family.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Dowry System is the hidden truth of Indian marriages. Daughter’s parents are forced to pay a heavy amount to the groom’s family. Dowry deaths are a harsh scenario that originated from this monetary dealing on marriages. In a survey, it has been found that 21 people die every day in India due to dowry.

As per the records of the National Crime Records Bureau, in the year 2015, 7,634 women died in India only due to dowry. Even women are burnt or brutally killed for the never-ending demand of dowry. Some cases are said that brides commit suicide due to dowry demands and domestic violence.

Most of the dowry deaths are still unregistered and even registered cases remain unjustified due to the flexibility of the police team. Even after several amendments to the current Dowry Prohibition law, the mishappenings occurred. The demanding dowry for marrying a girl is completely unethical and illegal. It is a criminal offense.

Even after certain laws, why dowry deaths occurred? Why brides are mentally tortured for dowry? The Dowry system is representing a negative image of our society. Marrying in exchange for money is not a symbol of an ideal society. The Dowry system is one of the reasons behind girl child feticide.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

The Dowry system is part of Indian society. The old system of India is now slowly spoiling the marriages. Dowry is setting a terrifying image in women. Even wives are kicked out of their houses and they are forced to break their marriages if the demand for dowry is not fulfilled by her parents. Many of the marriages are break due to this system. Women fill suppressed and depressed due to non-stop the demand for dowry. They feel traumatic and forced to take wrong decisions in their life.

Many NGOs and Women Welfare societies are working for the abolishment of the dowry system. They raise their voice against the dowry system and appeal people to stop this. Awareness generation camps are organized in rural and urban both areas for stopping the dowry system. Various television channels specially organize chat shows with the dowry victim.

The Government should telecast awareness advertisements against the dowry system. Every year many marriages are fixed only with a deal of good amount of money. In rural India, the situation is worse than one could ever think. Due to poverty and illiteracy, people fear to lodge their complaint about their daughter’s death. The greed for the dowry is much than one could think, even people ask for the flats and their possessions as the dowry.

Why such a system is still part of modern India? This marriage deals should be completely prohibited by the government. It’s the dark reality of Patriarchy society. Women are treated as a means to earn money. It is total satire for the society that a country where women are worshipped as a goddess, here money is asked for their marriages.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is dowry?

Ans. Dowry is an amount given by bride’s family to groom while marrying.

Q2. Why dowry is a malpractice?

Ans. Dowry is a malpractice as it is considered wrong to take money from bride’s side.

Q3. What are the adverse effects of Dowry in India?

Ans. When dowry is not given from bride’s side, people threaten the daughter-in-law.

Q4. Who ended dowry system in India?

Ans. Raja Ram Mohan Roy ended dowry system in India.