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We can define regular verb as “Regular verbs are those whose past tense and past participles are formed by adding ‘-d’ or ‘-ed’ to the end of the verb”.


Regular verbs are those verbs that forms their past tense and past participles by adding ‘-d’ or ‘-ed’ to the end of the verb. Most of the English verbs become regular verbs. Such as:

  • Cook, cooked, cooked.

In some words, the last consonant become double before adding the ‘-ed’ at the end. Such as:

  • Plan, planned, planned.
  • The base form of some words are ‘walk’ and ‘talk’ however they become ‘walked’ and ‘talked’ when changed to regular verb.

Regular verbs are conjugated words in a traditional form. Such as: ‘cook’ is a regular verb as it’s past tense is ‘cooked’; however, we cannot say ‘write’ a regular verb because it’s past tense is not ‘writed’. It would be ‘wrote’, thus ‘write’ is an irregular verb.

List of Regular Verbs

Following are some of the regular verbs:

Advise, afford, agree, brush, bounce, bubble, bump, answer, attach, attack, attempt, attend, bake, chase, collect, color, cheat, check, balance, ban, apologize, earn, educate, arrange, invite, irritate, arrest, cross, crush, extend, increase, influence, connect, consider, improve, include, excuse, interrupt, introduce, exercise, etc.


Following are some examples showing the use of regular verbs in the sentence:

  • You can learn more about the new project through the help of teachers.
  • I have already learned playing carrom board.
  • Move your bucket to me, please.
  • He moved to the city from village.
  • Ask your parents about the plan of touring.
  • I asked my teacher about the class schedule.
  • I work hard daily to win the competition.
  • He really worked hard all around the year to get first rank in the class.
  • I go for a walk in the morning.
  • They walked all around the park.
  • You have to kick the ball over here.
  • He kicked the ball very fast over there.

Exercises for you

Regular verb exercises given below will help you in analyzing your knowledge about regular verb. Just go through all the details given above about the regular verb and check your skill by doing following exercises for regular verb. We have used regular verbs in the following sentences; you need to check your skill by identifying regular verbs in each sentence:

  1. He advised me to properly follow the prescription of a doctor.
  2. I cannot afford buying this costly sports car.
  3. I do not agree to implement this wrong strategy.
  4. I have not brush my teeth.
  5. My last check has been bounced.
  6. He answered me very badly.
  7. I am attached to my parents heartily.
  8. Be aware as bull can attack suddenly.
  9. He attempted the medical entrance exam third time.
  10. I attend my classes daily.
  11. I have collected lots of money in my piggy bank.
  12. I like wearing the red color shoes.
  13. He cheated me in the race.
  14. I never check my account.
  15. It is very necessary to maintain the work-life balance.
  16. I really apologize for my bad behavior.
  17. I earn very less money for whole month.
  18. My parents are well educated.
  19. I have to arrange book for all my friends.
  20. He has invited me in his sister’s marriage.
  21. Do not irritate the dog otherwise he will bite.
  22. You may be arrested for your wrong practice.
  23. Don’t cross the limit, it may harm you.
  24. Exam dates have been extended by one week.
  25. Sea level has been increased in last few years because of global warming.
  26. I am influenced by the class teacher.
  27. We are heartily connected to each other.
  28. I exercise daily in order to be string and fit forever.

Answers: 1 – advised, 2 – afford, 3 – agree, 4 – brush, 5 – answered, 6 – answered, 7 – attached, 8 – attack, 9 – attempted, 10 – attend, 11 – collected, 12 – color, 13 – cheated, 14 – check, 15 – balance, 16 – apologize, 17 – earn, 18 – educated, 19 – arrange, 20 – invited, 21 – irritate, 22 – arrested, 23 – cross, 24 – extended, 25 – increased, 26 – influenced, 27 – connected, 28 – exercise

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