Shirshendra Sinha

Being a graduate in Conflict Management and Development, he is a creative writer, writing blogs and articles for 5 years for online web portals. He loves to write on topics related to the social and geopolitical world. His articles are serving best to the students as he always put his best efforts. He never feels bore because of his number of hobbies like Writing, Reading, Swimming, Singing, and Mimicry.

10 Lines on Caste System

There have been many evil practices in our society like Sati Pratha, child marriage, child labour, triple talaq etc. Many of them have completely eradicated now like Sati Pratha and Child Marriage while some are still dwelling fearlessly and polluting the society. One of them is the Caste System which almost nobody likes. We have …

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10 Lines on Fitness

Who of us wants to be sick? Of course no one wants. Being ill is the worst part of one’s life when one cannot do everything that one wants. We often see that sick people have no charm on their face and also in their life. To not fall into this situation, it is very …

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10 Lines on Disease

Our health is our identity. If we are healthy, it will reflect from our face through a pretty smile. A sick person has a very dull face with no smile. Nobody likes to have a company of a sick person. Here we have provided some sets of 10 lines on ‘Disease’ which may help you …

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10 Lines on School

We all had a wonderful childhood which we remember throughout our lives. The memory of the games we had played, the friends we had made make us happy all the time, especially when we are going through hard times. We have spent most of our childhood times in our Schools, and perhaps that is the …

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