10 Lines on New Testament

Christianity is one of the few prominent religions in the world. It is based on the life, teaching, and preaching of Jesus Christ. The holy scripture of Christianity, the Bible is composed of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Both the Testaments are different from each other and have their specific values. The New Testament is an important part of the Bible. 10 lines on the New Testament will help you to know the religion closely in less time. Here we have it.

Ten Lines on New Testament

Set 1

1) The New Testament one of the two parts of the Christian Bible.

2) The New Testament consists of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the events of early Christianity.

3) It is created with the four canonical gospels of Matthew, John, Mark, and Luke.

4) The writers of all the four gospels of the New Testament were Jewish Christian.

5) The earliest scripture of the New Testament is dated of the second and third centuries.

6) The original New Testament was written in the ‘Koine Greek’ language.

7) The New Testament is accepted by all the Christian Churches on the basis of the validation of events.

8) The New Testament lacks the dates of events that occurred in the life of Jesus Christ.

9) Originally the New Testament is created with the information of 27 books written in the 1st and 2nd centuries.

10) The New Testament, excluding the Gospel of John, took almost 55 years to be completed.

Set 2

1) The New Testament is the smaller part of the original Christian Bible.

2) The four gospels of the New Testament were written keeping in mind the different people.

3) The gospel of Matthew mentions the three Biblical Magi at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.

4) More than 300 prophecies of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament are found true in the New Testament.

5) There are about 7959 Verses, 181253 words and 838380 letters in the New Testament.

6) Jesus Christ was the ‘Son of the God’ is mentioned in the ‘New Testament’.

7) The New Testament and also the Bible indicate that the people used to sing songs on every special occasion.

8) The last supper of Jesus Christ with his 12 disciples is contained in the New Testament.

9) The last book of the New Testament is the ‘Book of Revelation’.

10) The Book of Revelation contains information about the end of the World.

The New Testament is a very important part of the Bible which makes the Bible complete. Although it is the smaller part but shares a huge part of the Holy Scripture. Many information of the Old Testament is incomplete without the New Testament. The Bible teaches us to respect every religion and people associated with that.