Paragraph on Trees

Trees are the greatest gift nature has ever given to humans. They are the most important support for life. There would be no life on earth without trees. Trees help us in many ways. Not only humans but they are equally important for animals and birds.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Trees

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Trees are very important for life on earth. Without trees, the earth will become lifeless and dry. There would be no water, no rain, and no forests at all. Trees give us oxygen, shade, fruits and much more. They also serve as a home for nearly 10,000 species of birds. Trees form forests. Without trees, there would be no forests.  No forests mean no animals.

Without trees, the ecosystem of the planet will fall down. Trees also prevent floods and cause rain. In villages, people use the fallen branches of trees as fuel. We can only live along with trees. We can’t live without them.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Do you know that we can’t live without oxygen? Humans and animals need oxygen to live. Even fishes need oxygen in their gills. That oxygen is made by the trees. Trees breathe Carbon dioxide (CO2) and give Oxygen (O2). Two big trees can produce a year’s oxygen for your family. Without trees, there would be no life. 

Birds have their nests on trees. It is the only house they have. They also get food from trees. Humans also eat the fruits given by trees. They also sell it in the market for the money. Some trees give us medicine, oils, and rubber, etc. Trees hold the soil during rains. It keeps the soil fruitful. Some people also worship trees.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

We all see the trees every day. Along the roads, in the park, trees are everywhere. But, their number is getting less every day. Every road is built by felling trees. We cut down trees and build houses. We don’t know the damage we do this way. Trees produce important oxygen. We can’t live a minute without oxygen. By cutting trees we cut our own life. If it continues then the planet will die.

Earth will not look green from above. It will look like a big and dry lifeless stone. Animals live in forests and forests are made from trees. Will there be any forest without trees? Will there be any animals without forests? Where will the poor animals live? There are so many questions we need to ask ourselves. We have taken enough from nature. Now it is time to repay the debt. Plant trees and live longer.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Trees are God’s greatest gift to life on earth. They give oxygen, food, shelter, and rains. Trees also filter the air and make it clean. Tree roots bind the soil and keep it intact. For birds and animals, a tree is like a house. It is like a natural roof overhead. Without trees, birds will be most in danger. They will have no place to nest and lay eggs. Soon all of them will die. Animals relax under trees in summer. They also get shelter from the rain. Animals and birds eat the fruits of trees. Trees save birds and small animals from predators.  

Trees help us as long as they live. They also help keep the temperature under control. They help by cooling the air in summer. Elephants and other animals eat the leaves of trees. They are helpful even when they die. Their wood is used to make furniture. It is burned to cook food and get heat. The fallen leaves are very good fertilizer. Trees live for hundreds of years and help us. We must plant as many trees as possible. We must also not damage a tree and let it live.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Trees come in different shapes and sizes. Some are huge while some are small. Some have thick and hard trunks. Other’s trunks are thin and soft. Some give fruits and some give flowers. But, each one of them is a gift. A gift God has given us so that we can breathe.

We breathe in the air and take oxygen. Same oxygen, that the trees produce. Can we live without oxygen? The answer is no. This explains how important trees are for life on earth. They are the earth’s life support system. Trees also have great commercial value. The wood pulp of trees is used to make papers. They are used to make windows and doors.

Trees hold water during rains. This fills an underground water reserve. They also prevent soil from getting washed away. Trees also provide shade for children in schools. During the recess, children sit and play below trees. Trees make a place look beautiful. They reduce noise and pollution. Trees also keep the air clean by absorbing dust.

Trees are home for birds, squirrels, and insects. Trees are known to reduce blood pressure and stress. Old trees have hollows in which small animals and birds reside. Trees have been helping us for thousands of years. Some religions value trees as Gods. They perform puja under the tree and care for it. We all must care for trees and plant a new one. You should plant a tree in your house. Planting a new tree along the street will help others.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which trees shed their leaves in winters?

Ans. Deciduous trees shed their leaves in winter.

Q2. What things can a tree provide?

Ans. A tree can provide things like oxygen, wood, fruits, medicines, etc.

Q3. What was the Chipko Movement?

Ans. Chipko Movement was a movement to save trees from cutting that was started by Sunderlal Bahuguna.

Q4. Which tree gives 24 hours oxygen?

Ans. Peepal tree gives 24 hours oxygen.