Paragraph on My Hobby

Hobby is something we all must-have. It lets you spend your free time more usefully. It makes good use of your time. You can take up your hobby during the holidays. A hobby should always teach you good things. It should make you healthy and happy.

Short and Long Paragraphs on My Hobby

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

My hobby is playing cricket. To play cricket I finish my homework early. I play it with my brother and friends. We play on the street in front of my house. Since it is a dead road, there is no traffic. My liking to cricket is new and I love the game. I feel so good holding the bat.

I love to bat first and make runs. I play honestly and never try to cheat. To be a good cricketer I need to work harder. I must play hard and study as well. I believe that one day I will become a fine batsman.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

I like birds, in fact, I love them. I could spend hours watching them, hear them sing. Bird watching has become my hobby now. I also collect bird feathers. I have seen birds collecting sticks and leaves for making a nest. I have seen them returning to feed their chicks. Bird watching needs patience. You should be careful that you don’t disturb the birds.

On holidays I ask my father to take me to a park. There I can watch different birds and know about them. I can tell the name of many birds by just hearing their voices. I have also planted a tree in my small garden. I did it so that I can see birds playing on it, from my room.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

My hobby is gardening. I have a small garden in front of my house. I look after the garden every day. I water the plants and clean the garden. I pick fallen leaves and branches. I also make compost from them. Every week I plant a new flowering plant. The flowers bloom and look beautiful. Gardening isn’t easy and sometimes requires hard work. In monsoon, I have to dirty my hands to keep the garden clean.

Gardening makes me feel good and relaxed. It brings me closer to nature and eases me out. I have started admiring nature and plants. I also know the value of plants. I can tell what leaves could be used as medicine. I know which plants could be eaten and which shouldn’t be eaten. My parents always encourage me to do gardening. My father buys me new plants and tools. Tools help me to maintain my garden.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Reading books is my hobby. I like reading storybooks. Good stories teach you something in the end. They teach you to be honest, to be good to others and more. On Sundays, I spend most of the time reading stories. I also like it when my mother reads it for me. During bedtime, I ask my mother to read me a storybook. I sink into sleep within a few minutes. True that good story makes your soul happy. It has also improved my memory. I very well remember the moral of the stories I have read.

Book reading is very relaxing for the mind. It makes you more real and positive. Books other than storybooks are also good. They teach you something. I also like reading the newspaper. It’s filled with news from all over the world. Lets me know what’s going on in other places. I discuss the news with my parents and friends.

This way I feel learned and confident. Reading books is a good habit. I suggest that everyone should read books. If you read good books you gain wisdom. You develop memory and become wiser. You can also take part in the real debate.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

My hobby is to go on a picnic with my family. I just love doing it again and again. I wait for the holidays so that I can go on a picnic. It is so much fun to go on the picnic. I get to spend time with my family. We play, walk, talk and have fun. The whole journey itself is so much fun. I love passing through villages and fields.

I get to see the countryside and the people. You meet them and know your own roots. I also like it when I reach the picnic spot. It is always quiet and calm. A place away from busy life and traffic. The air is clean and the weather is cool. I get close to nature at its best.

I have learned so many things on the trips. I have learned about forests. I know that forests are very important for us and animals. I have learned about birds, animals, plants, and flowers. I also like visiting lakes and rivers. It’s like they have their own hidden world. They have fishes, tortoises, plants and so much more.

Boat rides are an added adventure. Feels so good to float over water. Sometimes these trips also bring surprises. I came to know that my father is a good swimmer. Picnics bring me closer to my family members. It also gives me a chance to open up and speak my heart out. I love to go on a picnic. I wish that I am able to do that even when I grow up.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between hobby and skill?

Ans. Whatever people love doing is a hobby and whatever people are good at is a skill.

Q2. Why people should do their hobbies?

Ans. A hobby can lead to getting rid of tension and problems.

Q3. What are some different types of Hobbies?

Ans. Different types of hobbies include Playing, Dancing, Singing, Reading, etc.

Q4. Can we make a career with hobbies?

Ans. Yes, we can make our careers by following our hobbies.