Paragraph on Thermal Pollution

Pollution is the biggest enemy of living beings. It is of many types, and each of the types has its specific area, causes, and effects. Thermal Pollution is one of them. You can get every detail of Thermal Pollution in the paragraphs below. The paragraphs consist of easy language and simple words. Take a look right now.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Thermal Pollution

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

There are many human activities that cause a rise in the normal temperature of the water. All aquatic organisms can survive within a certain temperature of the water. When the water temperature exceeds this limit, it becomes very harmful to the ecosystem. This sudden rise in temperature of the water is Thermal Pollution.

Thermal pollution leads to a drastic reduction in the quality of the water. It decreases the amount of oxygen in water resources by heating them. It also disturbs the ecosystem by causing the death of many aquatic animals. By thermal pollution, we are moving towards our destruction.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Thermal Pollution is a condition of water in which it no longer remains fit for personal use. It has a high temperature and makes it harder for the existence of life under it. The main source of thermal pollution is human activities which upset the entire environment.

The Central Pollution Control Board keeps an eye on the level of thermal pollution in different water bodies in India. The Ministry of Environment and Forest of Central Government of India sponsors this board, and it publishes its annual data on the official website of the Board.

Thermal Pollution is a problem not in India only but also for the other countries in the world. Every nation is working on reducing its negative impacts.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Being a part of Environment Pollution, Thermal Pollution is very harmful to the environment and every living being on earth. It directly affects the life underwater and indirectly the environment and the ecosystem.

Oxygen is the most desired element of water, and reduction in its ratio in water is an invitation to the Global Warming and the Green-House Effect. The high temperature and comparatively less oxygen create problems in the survival of aquatic animals, that’s why many of them reach extinction.

The contamination of freshwater makes it toxic and not suitable for the use of living beings. Use of this water in agriculture or farming is not advisable, as the production and the fertility of the soil decreases. A sudden rise in the temperature of the water causes the death of many aquatic animals, which we call the ‘Thermal Shock’. Thermal Pollution is beneficial neither for nature nor for living beings.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Thermal Pollution is a threat to the whole world. Its consequences will make us struggle for our survival not only at present but also for a long time in the future. We need to look for its origin if we want to get rid of this situation immediately.

Many big industries like the Paper industry, chemical industry, oil refinery, etc. release hot water in a very large amount. We have many industries of such types; so obviously, they are heating the water much quicker. These industries also release their wastes in the nearby water body which makes water contaminated and consequently making it hotter.

The Thermal Power Plants and Nuclear Power Plants use cold water as the coolant. This water becomes hot after use, thus they release it in large water bodies. Most of the Indian population uses electricity generated through coal. These industries also use water to convert into water-vapor in the process. Resultantly, this warm water contributes to thermal pollution and increases the temperature of the Earth.

The temperature of water obtained through the above-mentioned sources remains 8 to 10°C higher than the normal water temperature. It lowers the concentration of oxygen and has harmful effects on ecosystems.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Thermal Pollution is such a disaster that seeks for the immediate solution lest it will make the earth a planet without life. The removal of any problem needs the removal of its source of origin first. We should think in the same way to stop Thermal Pollution from increasing.

The Government should first identify every such industry which uses cold water and releases warm water in the large water bodies, and then warn them against its repetition in the future. These industries should let this warm water be cold before letting it in the river.

Though the Nuclear Power Plants and Thermal Power Plants are the backbone of a nation, either they should use coolant other than water or they should release it after making its temperature normal. They can also look for such another industry which can use this warm water for their production purpose.

We can cool these hot waters of factories and house-holds through storing them in small man-made ponds and applying the various techniques like convection and radiation. We can also use the method of ‘Regeneration’ for cooling the water.

The use of a cooling column is another measure. Such structures occupy less space than the pond. Most of the heat here is transferred by evaporation. The hot water from the condensate is sprinkled on the bottom sheets or blockers, and then the water comes down as thin films.

Whatever be the method, the result may bring a miraculous change in the ecosystem.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a thermal pollution?

Ans. Thermal Pollution is the condition of rise in temperature of natural body.

Q2. How does coal effect in thermal pollution?

Ans. Coal plants use up to 180 billion gallons of water per year.

Q3. Which is the major gas in thermal pollution?

Ans. Greenhouse gases are majorly responsible in Thermal Pollution.

Q4. From where Sulfur Dioxide gas is emitted?

Ans. Power Plants emit Sulfur Dioxide.