Paragraph on Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation is the agenda of saving energy for mother earth. As a part of this natural environment, we all are obliged to save energy. The portion of the energy we are sharing for our use need not be wasted. For focusing on the energy conservation topic, we have created some important paragraphs. Kindly read it as per your need.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Energy Conservation

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Energy Conservation includes the conservation of electricity, fuels, natural gases, coal, etc. Energy sources are scarce and easily exhaustible. It is important to use it in a very efficient way. The world is blessed with energy naturally provided by the earth.

Sources of Energy are the backbone of science and technology. From the normal light bulb to the engines of vehicles everywhere, energy is involved. For preserving energy, it is important to reduce the consumption of energy. Conservation of energy is important; they are making our life easy. In our normal day to day life, we can include the habit of conserving energy.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Energy conservation is a hot topic for the world. There are various forms of energy available on earth. For mankind, it is important to know the importance of energies available. Electricity, fuels, nuclear power plants, windmills, etc are the forms of energy sources for common use. The wise use of these forms of energy is necessary. The cutting down of energy consumption is beneficial for all of us. Let’s focus on the need for energy conservation:

  • Energy Conservation is necessary for coping with the expenses spent on energy services.
  • Energy Conservation is necessary for reducing air pollution.
  • For preserving the natural resources for future generations energy conservation is necessary.
  • For availing the natural scarce resources to rural to urban areas its conservation is necessary.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Energy conservation is a common phenomenon for the world of the growing population. In real sense, energy is the service that the world is using on a daily basis. The growing population demands more and more energy to be consumed. This can create a misbalance between the energy available for society and the energy which is continuously spending.

For financial security and nation wise social security conserving the energy services are necessary. Worldwide securing the energy is a common phenomenon. There are various methodologies and simple steps that we can include in our day-to-day life for saving energy. What are we using today; we have to secure it for the future.

By keeping this thing in mind, energy saving can be done on a mass level. Refrigerators and Air Conditioners are said to the appliances that consume electricity on a large basis. The gases produced by these coolers are harmful to the environment. Thus, simple habits like the installation of stabilizers for maintaining the voltage can consume less electricity.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Energy Conservation is the preventive measures for conserving the naturally available energy. It involves the maximum utilization of energy in an efficient way. There are various ways that can be counted as energy conservation methods. These are as follows:

  • Using LED and CFL Light Bulbs instead of traditional light bulbs.
  • Using appliances that are energy efficient.
  • Installation of Power strips as they will provide an option of using various appliances’ switches at the same time.
  • Turning off the T.V., Radio, Microwave, PC, etc appliances after using it.
  • Switching to Thermostat based devices form the traditional appliances of maintaining the temperature.
  • Using water heaters of lower voltage.
  • Changing our day-to-day behavior of using Energy services.
  • Using the Upgraded method of the HVAC system in households.
  • Keeping a check on water uses.
  • While using Washing Machines, the laundry part should be done carefully.
  • Fossil fuels or Fuels should be used in an efficient way.
  • On the Red signals of road, turning off the vehicle engines can be a smart move for saving the fuels.
  • Energy audits at home can be a move for saving energy.
  • Installation of Solar Panels, Rain Water harvesting system can contribute to conserving energy.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Energy Conservation is the method of conserving the naturally available energy sources and energy services for the world. There are various methods of conserving the energy but question is that why there is a need for conserving it? The main motto of energy conservation is to fulfill the demands of the future generations.

The government has implemented a tax policy for energy services. This taxation policy involves a tax on electricity, water, gas available for households. This policy is implemented by the motive of less-consumption of energy services by households. This is also a contribution towards the poor and rural people for availing of the energy services.

The wastage of energy sources can be lower down due to the fear of heavy tax implemented on its use. Energy Conservation can also be termed as energy–efficiency. Electricity, Fossil Fuels, Water, Heat, and Natural Gases are naturally found and processed form of energy which we are using in our daily life.

In the United States, energy-efficiency methods are announced by the government itself. The use of HVAC constructed buildings is also one of the architectural plans. Various campaigns and NGOs are working for the Energy Conservation. In India, Power-Cut is a nationwide issue. This is because of the scarcity of Energy sources. One of the reasons behind less consumption of energy is forgery and fraud of electricity while distributing it. Rural India is still not much boon by electricity. For resolving all these social issues Conservation of Energy is necessary.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is conventional source of energy?

Ans. Conventional Sources of energy are those in which fuel is naturally available.

Q2. What are non conventional sources of energy?

Ans. Non-conventional sources include the sources which are newly recognized.

Q3. What is sustainable development?

Ans. The development that doesn’t affect the nature is sustainable development.

Q4. How can we conserve energy?

Ans. We can save energy by using the fuels in limited quantity and following non conventional methods of energy.